The Trillium Party of Ontario is meant to be a party, which has at its very core, a belief that common sense should be the overriding “touch stone” when policy is being made.
Policy that is conceived and developed by its membership and the people of Ontario.
The Government of Ontario should be there to facilitate and reward those who want to work and move forward in their lives, as well as ensure there is an appropriate and measured “safety net” in place for those that cannot fully contribute.

Ontario was always a net contributor to this country, and the sad truth is that many of us are content to accept that now we are not.
Ontario is broken and it must be “fixed”. All that is needed is resolve and a hard core focus to do what is needed–Spend less, eliminate all red tape, and get out of the way of families and individuals that want to succeed.

I believe that we have in large part lost our PRIDE and inventiveness. It’s been replaced with fear and mistrust of our own government. Instead of looking at our Government as a partner in our families success, we now look at the government as our principle adversary.

Join me in getting Ontario back to where it should be…the place that has the best jobs, the best schools, the best homes, the best roads and the best future of any place in this country and the world.

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