Month: December 2017

Who Can YOU Trust?

 Liberal  — Kathleen Wynne ?

Really ? …. If you do then you are one of only 2 in 10 voters.

NDP — Andrea Horwath ?

Well … If history is any indicator ( remember Bob Rae ) every NDP government elected anywhere has increased deficit spending and increased taxes.

Conservative — Patrick Brown or Whomever ?

Now here’s a guy who has knowingly endorsed nominees with stuffed ballot boxes and forged membership applications…. Is that your idea of democracy ? … Is that a trustworthy leader ?

This is no joke !

“ Two candidates in the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas PC race are claiming voter fraud after a heated nomination meeting they say involved ballot box stuffing.” …. CBC, May 17, 2017

“ The Ottawa West-Nepean executive board quit on Friday to protest the controversial nomination there last month where there were ballot-stuffing allegations.” …. Toronto Star June 26, 2017

“These memberships are highly suspicious and dubious. Are we witnessing membership fraud?” … A Conservative Party Riding Association president…  Globe and Mail. May 29, 2017

“Brown and his team are gaining a reputation for telling people what they want to hear, and then changing their story — not just with the general public, but the party faithful.” …. Toronto Star October 13, 2017





The Trillium Party Of Ontario – DAVID LOFT ?


WHO ? …. Well.. The Trillium Party was formed in 2014 to provide a party that actually listened to voters. At that time the Liberals were covering up their deleted gas plant e-mails and today senior Conservative advisors to Patrick Brown are being criminally investigated for fraud.

The Trillium Party is led by Bob Yaciuk, a former federal candidate and the Party already has one sitting MPP –  Jack MacLaren – Ottawa.

The Party is new, it is exciting and it’s committed to making changes for the better by energizing the voter’s voice. We will have candidates in over 40 ridings from across the Province.


As everyone knows, the elected representatives of each of the main parties play “ follow the leader “ just like sheep. They are obligated to toe the party line .. are obligated to vote according to the wishes of the party leader and cannot in any manner whatsoever offer any criticism, private or public, of the party, the platform or the leader.


I can stand up to the sitting government with total impunity. I can energize your voice in the parliamentary question period to the point of embarrassment if necessary. I can bring no shortage of media attention to your concerns. As your elected representative, I can, and will be the proverbial dog with a bone when it comes to making your voice heard and producing positive results for York-Simcoe.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of government after government laying awake at night trying to dream up new ways to get into my pocketbook.

I’m sick and tired of what continually comes from Queen’s Park … supposedly on my behalf.

I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired ! …. Aren’t you ?

In the most humble way possible, I’m asking for your help – I’m asking you to energize your ballot and turn it into a loud and clear statement by trusting me with your vote on June 7th.

289 – 763 – 4680

Trillium Leader Bob Yaciuk at Queen’s Park Rally

Bob Yaciuk, is the first Ontario Political Leader to take a firm stand on the selling and distribution of Marijuana.

The Wynne Liberals’ plan to add thousands of government positions with an LCBO-modeled distribution system for legalized marijuana is an attack on small business and the private sector jobs it creates, and should be abandoned, say Trillium Party Leader Bob Yaciuk. and MPP Jack MacLaren.

“The Wynne Government should not compete against the private sector and stay out of the business of selling and distributing legal marijuana,” said Trillium Party Leader Yaciuk. “Instead, they should focus on their core mandate of regulation, enforcement, and keeping all Ontarians safe. The Wynne War against small business and jobs has to end!”

Trillium Party of Ontario calls on Wynne Government to Abandon Monopoly Scheme for Legalized Marijuana

Press Release-Terminate the Damaging Green Energy Agreement on Schedule


Bob Yaciuk, leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario, has formally called for a full and open public discussion of the role of solar and wind energy in Ontario – before the Ontario government extends or replaces the Green Energy Investment Agreement.

Mr. Yaciuk said: “Ontario’s citizens and businesses must be protected against the damaging increases in electricity prices that have been caused by this agreement that the Liberal government signed with the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and Samsung, not to mention the effects of the rural communities that are suffering under the effects of these renewable projects. The contract must not be extended beyond its scheduled end on December 31, 2017.”

The Agreement, as modified in 2013, called on KEPCO and Samsung (Korea Consortium) to design, construct and operate 1000 megawatts (Mw.) of wind-powered plants and 300 Mw. of solar generating facilities in three phases before December 31, 2016 and to manage those facilities until the Agreement formally ends on December 31, 2017.

These agreements, imposed by the Liberal government, force consumers to use solar and wind-generated electricity and requires us to pay suppliers of wind and solar electricity up to 60+ cents per kilowatt hour as a wholesale price.

Even the final phase of the major contract with the Korea Consortium guarantees the suppliers an absolute minimum of 10.5 ¢/kWh for wind-generated power and 29.5 ¢/kWh for solar-generated power, and the agreement with the Korea Consortium explicitly allows the price to be increased to a higher level at a later time.

By way of comparison, normal wholesale prices for clean and reliable water electricity and nuclear power are in the range of about 6¢/kWh for wholesale electricity.

“Mexico and Chile have recently secured long-term contracts for wind-powered electricity at a wholesale cost that is as low as 1.77¢/kWh” said Mr. Yaciuk. “It would be just one more breach of the duty of government if the Liberal government was to insist that Ontario’s citizens and businesses must continue to pay 29.5¢/kWh or more to foreign suppliers that have a monopoly on solar power.”

Trillium Party MPP Jack MacLaren, said: “Extending the agreement with the Korea Consortium would force households and businesses in Ontario to pay those suppliers at a rate that is far in excess of world prices, and that would cause further serious harm to many households and businesses in Ontario and would cost Ontarians even more jobs.”

“We need to follow the approach that is currently being pursued by Alberta for new electricity supplies – of purchasing electricity from suppliers who bid for the right to provide electricity to the grid on the basis of ensuring the lowest possible price. By doing that, we can hope to purchase wholesale electricity for close to, or below, the current world price of less than 2¢/kWh.”

Mr. Yaciuk said: “The Liberal Party has done irreparable harm to the people of Ontario by locking us into excessive and non-competitive electricity supplies.”

“Unlike the PCs and the NDP, which for some inexplicable reason has not even mentioned the need to ensure that the contract with KEPCO and Samsung (the Korea Consortium) is terminated on the scheduled expiry date, the Trillium Party insists that that contract must end now. The Trillium Party continues to work to ensure that all new contracts for electricity supplies in Ontario are based on a truly-open bidding process that will allow all potential suppliers to compete on the basis of price.”

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Liz Marshall Research / Candidate

The agreement that the Liberal government entered into with the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and Samsung in 2010, as amended in 2013, called upon the Korean consortium:
“to facilitate Electricity generation through three Phases of development, construction, implementation, installation, and operation of wind and solar Generation Facilities and to create Manufacturing and jobs in Ontario.”
Under the agreement, the Korean Consortium was required:

in the first Phase, to: “develop, construct, implement, install and operate wind Generation Facilities and solar Generation Facilities in Southern Ontario with Targeted Generation Capacity of 400 MW and 100 MW, respectively, and with a Targeted Commercial Operation Date by March 31, 2014 …” and
“For the remaining two Phases of the Project … [to] develop, construct, implement, install and operate wind Generation Facilities and solar Generation Facilities … as follows:

KEPCO and Samsung were guaranteed a minimum price for the electricity that they produced.

While the price that would be paid for the power produced by the last 300 Mw. of generating capacity was lower than for that produced by the earlier 1000 Mw., even that price for the solar and wind-generated electricity that would be supplied only when the wind and sun were available was much higher than is paid for clean and reliable water and nuclear-generated power.

As is spelled out in Article 9.1 of the 2013 agreement:
“a) for wind, the price as specified in the then current Price Schedule; provided that for Phase 3 wind, the price will be the greater of: (i) 10.5 cents per kWh; and (ii) the price as specified in the then current Price Schedule; and
“b) for solar, the price as specified in the then current Price Schedule; provided that for Phase 3 solar, the price will be great of: (i) 29.5 cents per kWh; and (ii) the price as specified in the then current Price Schedule.”
The Agreement clearly spelled out that it was to end at the end of December, 2017, unless the government agreed to extend it:
“This Agreement shall become effective as of the date of its execution and shall remain in full force and effect until earlier of: (a) the Commercial Operation Date of the last of the three Phases of the Project to be completed; and (b) December 31, 2017, unless earlier terminated pursuant to Article 14.2 or extended by mutual agreement in writing by the Parties.”

Reference to a report on the world price of electricity can be found in an article by Don Pittis of the CBC:

It is important that the damaging agreement with KEPCO and Samsung ends at its scheduled termination date.

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Liz Marshall Research / Candidate

OMB rejects city ward boundary plan, orders drastic changes to Flamborough, Mountain

The OMB ruled this weekthat the city has to redraw its ward boundaries. The reconfiguration, drawn by city consultant Watson and Associates, most impacts Flamborough, Stoney Creek and the Mountain.

It eliminates Flamborough’s rural ward and divides it between the Dundas and Ancaster wards. Matteo Patricelli, executive director of the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce, said Ward 14 residents have “unique concerns that require them to be heard.”

Roman Sarachman of Freelton, organizer of the Committee to Free Flamborough, says under the current system, Flamborough at least has some voting power.

This just adds to the loss of identity, he said.

“Flamborough was supposed to stay together,” he said. Once you divide the area, “it’s not Flamborough anymore.”

“They’re going to keep breaking up Flamborough into little pieces, and pretty soon, there won’t be a Flamborough.”

“The only rural ward in the city just got butchered up,” says Robert Pasuta, Ward 14 councillor for rural Flamborough. A recent Ontario Municipal Board decision on ward boundaries eliminates Ward 14 and puts the area in with Ancaster and Dundas.

See the full article HERE

PRATAC meeting at the Almonte arena

250 angry people attended this the third PRATAC ( Pakenham, Ramsay, Almonte Taxpayer Advocacy Committee) meeting at the Almonte arena to talk about the unwanted ” Natural Heritage System” designation that the Town of Mississippi Mills is thinking of incorporating into their Official Plan during the OP review.


From left: Brian Gallagher – President of PRATAC, Jeff Bogaerts of the Ontario Landowners Assn., Gerry Belisle – V.P of PRATAC, Jack, Bill Duncan – PRATAC, Donna Burns of the Ontario Landowners Assn.

Trillium Candidates at Queen’s Park

Bob Yaciuk, Jack MacLaren, and a just a few of our Trillium Party candidates and supporters at Queen’s Park.  Check our website to find the candidate in your area!

Bill Oprel, Carlos Lacuna, Larry Tingle, Louise Ewen, Bob Yaciuk, John Grant, Yevgen Dankanych, Lionel Poizner, Lonnie Herrington, Derek Sharp, Chris Mellor, and Andy Bruziewicz