Month: January 2018

Trillium Party Response to Queen’s Park Chaos

Press Release – January 29, 2018

Doug Ford Leadership Announcement

Doug Ford has announced he is running for the PC Leadership. He stated, “the back room needs to be cleaned out”.

“It’s a promise that’s been made before in the last leadership run by former Leader, Patrick Brown. It is my belief that both the PC Party and the Liberal Party are defined, managed, and controlled by the “Back Room”,says Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party.

Thom Bennett, Prominent PC Fundraiser, says it best.

“I am at a total loss as to what the thinking could be that our executive would tell our elected MPPs — those soldiers who are putting their name in front of the electorate time after time — to screw off, we run this party,”
“The executive knows why they overruled our elected representatives — and it has nothing to do with letting the members have a say in the new party leadership. I fear that this executive decision spells the death knell of the PC Party of Ontario! The majority of our supporters do not understand nor back this stupid and self-serving decision.”

Though we wish all people who do public service well, and throw their name into the hat, The Trillium Party believes Real Change can only come from outside, and we ARE that outside option.

Our path is clear, always has been, and will remain so into this next election despite the abysmal display and actions of the Government and the Official Opposition for this last term…and the term before it…and the term before it…

The Trillium Party of Ontario will continue to offer an alternative choice to the voters of Ontario who truly care about Democracy and Freedom, and True Representative Government.

For Further Information Contact:

Media: / 647-456-6210
TPO Main Tel: 289-319-1220
Twitter: @TrilliumPartyON


Patrick Brown Resigns – Trillium Party Popularity Continues to Rise

Press Release January 25, 2018

Trillium Party concerned about damaged political world in Ontario

We’ve had some news today that is really shaking up Politics in Ontario.

The Trillium Party of Ontario is concerned that we are having ANOTHER view into what is a very damaged political world in Ontario.

“The Trillium Party started because we wanted to bring a sense of fairness, civility, decency, freedom, democracy, and true representation to Ontario politics.  We have done that through our current slate of candidates, as well as through the actions and voting record of our sitting MPP, Jack MacLaren.

The Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives will continue their journey that, to date, seems to have worked for them. However, with a less than a 50% voter turnout, I suggest the seeds they have sown may be coming back to haunt them.

Our current path is one that is working. The people of Ontario are responding well to our message and we truly look forward to election day when the people of Ontario will have an option to vote for a Party that cares more about the citizens, than they do about the Party.

I cannot emphasize enough that nothing has changed in the PC’s because of this.  The PC backroom hacks and bullies are still there. Their policies CANNOT change without them publicly dismissing their most recent, alleged, comprehensive grassroots policy meeting. Nothing has, or will change with “These guys” or the “Other guys”.  Real change must come from the outside and we are truly the catalyst to make that change a reality” states Mr. Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party

The Trillium Party is growing quickly with a staggering 600 members from one riding alone (King – Vaughan) switching from PC to Trillium, immediately followed by 24 of their 29 member directorship forming the King – Vaughan Riding Association.

“Change is happening in Ontario, and it’s happening fast… the Trillium Party is leading that change.” Says Yaciuk, “We are Something Different – Something Better”.

For Further Information Contact:
Media: / 647-456-6210
TPO Main Tel: 289-319-1220
Twitter: @TrilliumPartyON

Thane Smelter Cleanup


The Thane Smelter closed its doors in 1997 after depositing toxic and damaging chemicals and by-products for 23 years into the Georgina ecosystem.

Its location, only 650 metres from the Maskinonge River, provides all these chemicals and by-products with an eventual waterway into Lake Simcoe. It’s not a question of IF, but rather WHEN !

According to an environmental assessment undertaken by the Ministry of the Environment some 10 years ago, the pollutants we can expect to arrive in Lake Simcoe will contain arsenic, chromium, iron, lead, silver vanadium, zinc, phosphorus, phenols and a large quantity of salt.

It’s been 21 years since the smelter closed and other than some cosmetic surface grading, the Province has done nothing to resolve the problem.

A clean-up order by the MOE in 2002 against the bankrupt previous owner went nowhere and was eventually withdrawn.

Numerous outraged citizens have voiced their concerns, committees formed and lawsuits initiated, but despite the hue and cry from every angle, the site remains contaminated.

The Liberal Party simply ignored the citizens of York Simcoe.

In October 2014 the City of Barrie, along with 18 other Towns and Regional governments, called upon Patrick Brown, then MP in Barrie, to take action and help with the Thane Smelter clean-up.

The Conservative Party also ignored this call for action.



I guarantee that I will be the most vocal representative that York Simcoe has ever had in the Provincial Legislature in fighting to have the Thane Smelter site cleaned up at the cost of the Province.

I will not shut my mouth just because the issue is not on the agenda of any Party leader as has proven to be the case.

I’m asking you to try something new.. ENERGIZE YOUR BALLOT !

…… and trust me to make your voice heard loud and clear !


Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum


Kathleen Wynne introduced the Province of Ontario to her version of a sex education curriculum that commences in Grade 1 .. yes … that’s Grade 1 -…with emphasis on genitalia. At the time, Kathleen was the Education Minister in the Dalton McGuinty government back in 2010 and Ben Levine was the Deputy Minister of Education.

The Ontario Liberals would have us believe that Ben Levine had no input into the sex –ed program although Ben himself says otherwise.

The program was allegedly revised in 2015 but a careful scrutiny reveals that it remained virtually word for word.

Following his arrest in 2013 Ben Levine ultimately pled guilty “to three of the seven charges, namely one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counselling a sexual assault.” — Wikipedia

In addition, “Levin also informed undercover officers (who were impersonating mothers of young girls) that he and his wife had been sexually active with their daughters.” – Wikipedia

…… Let’s see now….. we have a pervert who is convicted of making written child pornography, having admitted to incest and, in his own words, has crafted the Ontario Sex-Ed program …..

What can possibly go wrong ?

This program, along with so many others, has simply been shoved down the throats of Ontario citizens.


“ As many as one in six Ontario parents remains so unhappy with the province’s new sex education curriculum that they have either pulled their children from class or have considered it, a new poll shows.” … National Post – June 3, 2016


 “ In a continued trend of changing his mind, Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown has now promised that if elected, he won’t be overturning Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recent changes to Ontario’s sexual-education curriculum.” … Globe and Mail – March 24, 2017




The Trillium Party agrees that sex education should be taught in schools but we think that Grade 1 is far too early. We will argue strongly for revisions to the current program with both teacher and parental input.

Why are so many parents rebelling at this program ? … The answer is simple – they weren’t consulted, they weren’t considered and their voices were neither heard nor were they respected.

Personally I have a grandson who will soon be entering Grade 1. Presently he shuffles along on his single blade skates with his friends at a local rink. I think that I’d like him to learn how to shoot a puck, throw a football and ride a bike before he is subjected to the world of  “ menstruation and spermatogenesis.”


In the most humble way possible, I’m asking for your help – I’m asking for you to energize your ballot and turn it into a loud and clear statement by trusting me with your vote on June 7th.

WOBOT Business Over Breakfast

West Ottawa Board of Trade January 19 Business Over Breakfast – Mayor’s Breakfast

Business Over Breakfast events do more than provide a meal and a chance to connect. They’re dynamic events designed to bring together thought leaders and experienced business practitioners to share their knowledge and expertise. They challenge the status quo, provide new perspectives, and share freely what they have discovered.

Keynote Speaker, Mayor  Jim Watson provided an update on the state of our city.

Jack with chair, Mischa Kaplan. West Ottawa Board of Trade
Mayor Jim Watson was the guest speaker.
About 100 people attended.

King/Vaughan Riding Association Bringing over 600 Members to TPO

Press Release Jan. 17th 2018

King/Vaughan Riding Association rises from PC ashes Bringing many members with them

You are invited to attend the announcement being held on January 22nd 8:30 pm at the Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus, 9600 Bathurst St, Maple, ON L6A 3Z8

The Trillium Party of Ontario is excited to announce another opposition riding association is almost in its entirety supporting the Trillium Party of Ontario.

24 former PC DIRECTORS will be forming the new King – Vaughan Trillium Riding Association. This has come on the heels of accusations of unconstitutional interference by the Party Executive in the nomination process to elect a PC candidate for the riding of King – Vaughan earlier in the fall.

There have even been rumours that the PC executive under the Leadership of Patrick Brown has dissolved the King Vaughan PC Directors and replaced them with his more favoured followers. However even this has not been confirmed by the PC Party to its local directors. This decision follows closely on the decision of the PC riding association to set aside funds to legally challenge the Party regarding the nomination process.

“I’m certainly not impressed by the professed grass roots and democracy in King – Vaughan, if the rules don’t let them get what they want the PC’s simply make up new rules. That’s how bullies have always worked Same Old…Same Old ” says Mr. Yaciuk Leader of the Trillium Party.

Roman Evtukh President (or former President… as no official word has been sent out by the party) of the K-V PC riding Assoc. says:

“So much for having freedom of speech within the PC’s. If you disagree with something the PC Executive do, even if it’s against the Constitutional Playbook they say you’re not a Team Player and Punish you“ – “ My parents taught me to stand up for what I believe in and I would rather fight a flawed system than be a yes man toady to a Bully”.

As of this date there are slightly over 600 former members of the King Vaughan PC Riding Association who are “crossing the floor” to the Trillium Party of Ontario. Mr. Yaciuk states:

“I am extremely proud to see people look towards the Trillium Party of Ontario to be that refuge in an increasingly cynical view to politics in Ontario. We are Something Different – Something Better”

For Further Information Contact:
Media: / 647-456-6210
TPO Main Tel: 289-319-1220
Twitter: @TrilliumPartyON

Press Release — Government Spying with Satellite Surveillance


Government Spying and Bullying Must Stop

A post on the Ontario Landowners Association Facebook page“The Death of the Hunt Camp”, has struck a chord with the people of Ontario, as indicated by almost 200,000 views in a couple of weeks.

A municipal building inspector found a “Hunt Camp” on private property using satellite technology.  He then tried to bully and intimidate the property owner into getting a building permit and allowing an on-site inspection.  The property owner said no.

The building inspector then asked the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to do a Market Value Assessment of the hunt camp.  MPAC produced a grossly-inflated Market Value Assessment without seeing the building and without any data or measurements.  The family then received a tax bill for over $6000.

The Trillium Party of Ontario supports the long-standing tradition among Ontario citizens to create un-serviced snowmobile meeting places, fishing shacks, tree forts, hide-a-ways and hunt camps.  That reflects the spirit of entrepreneurship and defiant individualism that drove our ancestors to take on the wilds of North America and to create this great country.

Though this may seem like a rural issue the “high tech” surveillance methods currently being used without warrants or permission from the owners of private property could just as easily be used by MPAC or others to “spy” on urban areas searching for money-making opportunities such as swimming pools, decks or garden sheds.

There are laws in place to prevent this type of “peeping tom” behaviour and warrantless investigation.  And if the government refuses to abide by these laws, the Trillium Party believes there is little reason to expect private citizens to abide. Our government should lead by example and honour the reasonable expectation of privacy by its citizens in both rural and urban environments.

Under no circumstances will the Trillium Party of Ontario condone the use of telescopes, satellites, drones or any other high-tech technology by any agents of government to intrude on the freedoms of the citizens of Ontario without a court warrant.  Under no circumstances will it tolerate the abuse of power by government officials to coerce citizens to comply. 

The Job of government is to serve people and to protect their rights and not to abuse them.

Jack MacLaren MPP

The Trillium Party works for you!



Save the date for an important meeting that is taking place on January 20th , 2018 at 1:30 PM at the Senior Citizens Centre, 58 Murray Street, Fenelon Falls. This meeting is being hosted by four groups interested in better government and property rights:

Speakers will include:

  • Bob Yaciuk, Trillium Party Leader. Bob believes making a difference is important, and standing up for what’s right is mandatory. The Trillium Party of Ontario is that vehicle which will allow him and all Ontarians to make their families’ lives better.
  • Jack MacLaren, MPP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills. Jack is a former president of the Ontario Landowners Association and is the first elected MPP at Queen’s Park to sit as a representative of the Trillium Party of Ontario. Jack has successfully advocated for and protected the rights of individuals, changed public perceptions, and influenced government policy to the benefit of the people of Ontario.
  • Elizabeth Marshall, Trillium Party Candidate for Bruce-Grey- Owen Sound. As Director of Research for the Ontario Landowners Association, Elizabeth has 20 published reports and a book, in its second edition, on property rights. She has also written various articles for the Landowner Magazine. She is the Director of Research, for the Ontario Landowners Association and does legislative research for elected officials including MPs, MPPs, municipal Councils, Council members and Municipal Officials.

Help us make 2018 the year for positive change in Ontario. With a Provincial election on June 7 th and municipal elections coming in October, we have an opportunity to make Ontario a better place to live.


Trillium members meeting with the Ontario Landowners Assn., the Citizens for Direct Democracy and Voice of Central Ontario. 85 people attended. A very enthused crowd

Mercury Poisoning

To the Chippewa Nation of Georgina Island


To all residents of York Simcoe who rely upon Lake Simcoe for pleasure and commerce,

The Provincial Government (s) and the history of Grassy Narrows


In the case of mercury poisoning, as has happened at Grassy Narrows,  the procedure lasts years and is anything but painless. In fact it is tortuous !

Mercury, is a potent neurotoxin, and has sickened generations who consider walleye a dietary staple. Physical symptoms of mercury poisoning include loss of muscle co-ordination and tunnel vision. Fetuses are particularly vulnerable to cognitive damage. The younger generation at Grassy Narrows continue to have symptoms of mercury poisoning.

The severe effects include paralysis, coma and death.

A Japanese scientist, Dr. Harada and first tested community members of Grassy Narrows in 1975. He found people with mercury levels more than three times the Health Canada limit in Grassy Narrows and seven times the limit in nearby Whitedog. When Harada returned after 20 years, all of the people who had tested over the limit were dead.

Grassy Narrows Chief Simon Fobister said: “For decades I have been seeking justice for my people for mercury poisoning, searching for answers, searching for help. Never once was I told that mercury poison is still under the mill, right next to our river. I was told over and over that the mill site was cleaned up and that the problem ended in the ’70s. I now see that was a deception and my people have paid the price with their health.”

Since the problem of mercury poisoning was discovered in the late 60’s, the Province of Ontario has been governed by the following Premiers …

  • John Robarts
  • Bill Davis
  • Frank Miller
  • David Peterson
  • Bob Rae
  • Mike Harris
  • Ernie Eaves
  • Dalton McGuinty
  • Kathleen Wynne.

And over these past 47 years what has happened to protect and serve the plight of Indigenous People when and where it seemed to matter most ?

What have the affected received ?

Well …. Indigenous People have received promise after promise, delays ad nauseum, the odd meaningless handout here and there, falsehoods galore, another government study now and then, — but absolutely nothing to correct the injustice and return the lands to their original state.

A payment of $ 16.7 million was made in 1986 … 32 years ago … and the governments then washed their hands of the issue.

But the mercury poisoning remains to this day and the First Nation members continued to suffer and die over these additional generations.

The recent announcement that $ 85 million is being set aside to clean up the mess is a typical government announcement with an election on the horizon. …. Too little – too late…..and who knows if it will actually get done in a reasonable time frame.

Compare this financial commitment to the $ 41 million, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars ( $ 41,750,000.00 ) that the Federal Liberals have given to:

Abdullah Almalki,

Ahmad El Maati,

Muayyed Nureddin

and Omar Khadr.

Sitting governments of every stripe and color have dodged and evaded the Grassy Narrows / Indigenous issue for half a century. They’ve been able to do this because no-one in the Provincial Legislature had the nerve to shout out on behalf of the effected. Those muted elected officials simply played “ Follow the Leader “ to keep their political careers.

And when the newly proposed Keswick waste treatment plant egests it’s 40 million litres of alleged “ high purity reclaimed water “ into Cook’s Bay and Lake Simcoe,…. EVERY DAY…

 Will the whole process start all over again ?

 There is a significant difference in having me – David Loft – as your elected representative when compared to any other candidate.


An elected candidate from any existing party is compelled to vote in the manner that the Party leader dictates. This candidate can only follow the wishes of said Party leader. To voice an opinion contrary to the whims of the leader is political suicide. Such an elected candidate, if in power, is virtually helpless other than to have the ear of the Party leader on occasion. He or she cannot criticize nor embarrass the sitting government into action nor bring media attention to the failings of any particular issue. You are at the mercy of the Party leader.

This issue is also easy for any political leader to avoid for the simple reason that there were 9 leaders before him upon which to transfer the blame.


I have absolutely nothing to gain by avoiding the issue ! … no Party favours, no plum appointments, and no wrath from a Party leader. I can criticize, ask embarrassing questions, draw constant media attention to the issue at hand and, every day, every single day, I can demand action.


 As your elected MPP, I promise you that I will energize your ballot !