Month: February 2018

Support Our Troops Gala

Jack MacLaren from Trillium Party at Support Our Troops Gala
From left: Ted and Carolynne Windich of Dunrobin with Janet and Jack

Jack MacLaren, MPP Trillium Party of Ontario attended the first Support Our Troops Gala on February 23, at the The Centurion Conference & Event Center.

The Winter Ball delighted guests with a fabulous meal, a silent auction, dancing, and many memories at this black-tie event.



From left: Captn. Pierre-Archer Cournoyer, Jack, Lt. Konrad Shourie and Wrt. Officer James Strohm.


Trillium Party – Real People Making Real Change

The Trillium Party of Ontario is Something Different.  Our candidates are regular working class people, creating real change in Ontario Politics.

We  are  bringing  Something Better  to  Ontario !

Here is TPO Leader, Bob Yaciuk, doing what he does every day to pay his bills, including his outrageous Hydro bill!

Trillium Party is made up of Real People like you, that are affected every day by the decisions made by the Government Elite.  We want change as much as you do, and we are doing something about it!  For all of us!

*NEW VIDEO* “YOU CAN’T WITHDRAW THE TRUTH” – Jack MacLaren -Over 700,000 views on social media

VIDEO Jack MacLaren named at Queen's Park session for standing his ground

“You Can’t Withdraw the Truth” VIDEO – click here

Over 700,000 views on social media

Another Victory for the citizens of Ontario, brought to you by the Trillium Party of Ontario.


Trillium Party has made History Again!  MPP, Jack MacLaren, was escorted out of the legislature today while rebutting his own Private Member’s Bill 197 – the Affordable Electricity Act, for standing his ground, and refusing to withdraw his comments that pointed out that the Ontario government has broken the Law.
See the PMB here: Affordable Electricity Act 2018-1

The Affordable Electricity Act will ensure that the cost of electricity will be driven by the needs of the people, and not by the dealmakers in the back-room political parties 

Acting Speaker, Ms Hoggarth, seemed to be prompted (as heard on the live stream) by a member of the Liberal Party, and immediately rose and directed Jack MacLaren to withdraw his comments.  Mr. MacLaren replied “It’s the truth…you can’t withdraw the truth”.  Ms. Hoggarth then directed that Jack MacLaren be escorted out of the legislature for the remainder of the session.

This is the first time that an MPP has been asked to leave the Legislature in the midst of rebutting his own Private Member’s Bill.

We are extremely proud of Jack for standing his ground!  It’s time the Government was called out so the public knows what’s going on in the back rooms.

The expediency at which Jack was “hushed” after drawing attention to the Government’s disregard for following its own laws, was a statement within itself!


Congratulations Jack!

Trillium Party supporters at Queen's Park Feb 22 2018
Many Trillium supporters showed up to cheer Bob and Jack on for the introduction of Private Member’s Bill 197- The Affordable Electricity Act

We also thank the many people that came out to Queen’s Park to support the Trillium Party and Jack! Your support is fantastic!

Real People, Making Real Difference!

Trillium Party of Ontario — Something Different, Something Better!

Come out to Support Bob Yaciuk and Jack MacLaren on Thursday, February 22nd at Queen’s Park

We encourage you to come out to Queen’s Park on Thursday, February 22nd to support Trillium Party of Ontario Leader, Bob Yaciuk, and MPP Jack MacLaren, as Jack introduces his Private Member’s Bill  – Affordable Electricity Act

See Schedule below

The Affordable Electricity Act will ensure that the cost of electricity will be driven by the needs of the people, and not by the dealmakers in the back-room political parties

Summary of Jack MacLaren’s Affordable Energy Act.

See the PMB here: Affordable Electricity Act 2018-1

Jack MacLaren’s Affordable Energy Act aims to ensure that families and businesses in Ontario have access to electricity at an affordable price.

It will cause electricity prices to be driven by the needs of the people, the families, the businesses and the economy of Ontario, and not by the political ideologies and the clever tacticians and dealmakers who control the back rooms of the political parties.

The Affordable Electricity Act will serve the citizens of Ontario by making electricity prices as low as they can be. It will bring an end, as quickly as possible, to the government-imposed policies and programs that have added several billions of dollars every year to the electricity bills of the citizens of the Province.

· It puts priority on generating electricity from the inexpensive, reliable and cost effective hydro and nuclear power plants that the public already owns.

· It brings an end to policies, programs and contracts that force consumers to subsidize foreign-sourced electrical technologies that are unreliable and ridiculously expensive.

· It demands full transparency in the process by which electricity prices are set.

· It allows customers to buy electricity from suppliers who sell it at the lowest price.

· It lets customers buy electricity when the price is the lowest – and always at the lowest price that Ontario’s electricity is being sold to customers in other provinces or in the U.S.A.

This Bill will put electricity planning and pricing on a solid footing. It will bring an end to the technological gambles, the hidden arrangements, the deferred payments and the clever political spin that has done so much damage to citizens and businesses in Ontario.

This Bill will ensure that electricity planning is founded on the needs of the people of Ontario. It will support economic growth, enhance the competitiveness of Ontario’s businesses and keep jobs in the Province. It will ensure that Ontario’s families and businesses can buy electricity at the lowest possible cost over the long term.

In short, the Affordable Energy Act aims to start the adult conversation about electricity that the citizens of Ontario have desperately needed for more than 15 years – a conversation will lead to the adoption of an electricity policy that works for the citizens and of Ontario and for their future.


Guests are welcome to participate in the following activities:    We would appreciate it if you would let us know that you will be attending so that we can put your name on the list for no-hassle access.  Jack’s office is Room 325, phone no. 416 314 7900. Guests can go to Jack’s office to meet after they are registered.

10:30a.m. – 11:45a.m. -Question Period (Trillium Party members and candidates can get “members passes” from Jack’s office to sit in the “members west gallery.)
General seating in the east Public Gallery.
1:15p.m. – Media Studio event  (appx 20 minutes)
Then back into the House to watch the debate.
3:00p.m. – Debate of the Private Member’s Bill
4:30p.m. – Voting

We’re Proud of Our Dad

We’re proud of our Dad, Jack MacLaren, Now, more than ever.

Every politician has a rough stretch in their career and it’s no surprise that the last year has been tough on our dad. There was sensitivity training, a falling out with Patrick Brown and a dangling nomination that never came. Despite this, we saw our dad work tirelessly for the Ontario PC Party, going to outreach events, signing up hundreds of members and door knocking with volunteers during by-elections. Our dad loves that part of the job, where he gets to meet and talk with people.

But we also saw the dark side of politics during this time.

Seeing people who were friends one day, calling our dad untrue hurtful names because of a bad joke he told, was hard on us. That’s because we know our dad to be a loving, caring and fair person who has always been there for his daughters, wife, grandkids and neighbours.

Alexis’ Wedding L-R: Jessica, Rachel, Alexis, Janet and Jack

Our dad isn’t a career politician and thankfully he never learned how to talk in the language of political correctness. He was too busy raising three daughters, working two jobs, combining fields at midnight and delivering calves at two in the morning. But what he lacks in political polish, he makes up for with integrity, honesty and genuinely caring about his neighbours, friends and community.

This desire to help people is what led him into politics. His ambition was never to be a politician; it was just the natural progression in his fight to improve the world around him. At a time when most people his age are winding down their careers and thinking about retirement Dad chose to learn politics with the intention to make a difference. Rather than complaining about the system or the politicians within it he chose to run in provincial politics to make changes from within. We are very proud of him for this. The passion, dedication and initiative Dad has demonstrated here and throughout his life are inspiring.

Our Dad will not say things just because people want to hear it. He despises the games, and gossip that are part of politics. And he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right, even though it is often unpopular. It takes courage to step outside this box and tackle bigger, more complicated and less acceptable topics like property rights. And in politics once you do that, you become a target for critics and it can get vicious.  But this hasn’t stopped our Dad, and it won’t. His sense of responsibility to his constituents won’t allow him to sit back and take the easy route.

When our Dad told us he was leaving the Ontario PC party to join the Trillium party in mid May we were not surprised. He had been struggling with the belief that he could not properly represent his constituents any longer, while at the same time toeing the party line on things he disagreed with, like the Carbon Tax. Leaving the Ontario PC party was not an easy or rash decision for him, but in the end he chose to remain loyal to the people and values that helped him first get elected in 2011.

Jack MacLaren's family
Here is my family. From left: Janet, baby Harry, Jessica, Alexis, Rachel and Jack

Instead of dwelling on the problem, complaining or becoming apathetic, our Dad decided to take a bold step and leave the PC Party. He’s travelling a harder road now, but he’s free to speak his mind and advocate for the things he believes in and the people he represents.

We are proud of you Dad, for your unwavering honesty, integrity and passion in the face of adversity. We’ve seen you make a positive impact on the lives of people in your community who you have helped and you have made a difference. That’s the way you have always been. We love you Dad. Thank you for inspiring us to never settle and to continue to fight for what is right.

Your daughters,

Jessica, Rachel and Alexis.

Trillium TALKTV- Episode 1 MONDAY FEB 26th @ 6:30p.m.

Join us on the Trillium TALKTV Facebook Page LIVE Monday, February 26th at 6:30p.m. for Episode One of Trillium TALKTV!

For this Episode we have host Bob Yaciuk Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario answering your questions regarding the TPO, the State of Ontario Politics and his own MPP riding.

Do you have a question for Bob and the Trillium Party? Comment on our Trillium TALKTV  facebook page, and the top ‘liked’ comments will be answered during the show!

CLICK HERE to Join Bob Yaciuk, LIVE! Anyone who has had questions about the Trillium Party, this is your opportunity to ask the TPO Leader.

READ OUR POLICIES here and get your questions answered, Live, from Bob!

A Trillium Solution means it comes from the constituents not the Leader of the political party. The fundamentals of what we stand for is
we are against Whipped Votes !

With your support we can make Ontario a democracy again!

We have spoken with Constituents and here is what the majority have put forth.

The Guiding Principles for all of Trillium Party of Ontario’s Policy Statements are founded in the following mandates:

*All Voting Citizens and their immediate family will be prioritized in its creation.

*Input by the Voting Citizens and their immediate family will be considered in all policy.

*Policy will always be open for review in order to reflect current real world realities.

*Common sense will be the principle sounding board for all policy.

*We believe that any and all legislation created, must be scrutinized to ensure it does not violate or infringe on private property rights.

The Trillium Party believes: The Political system in Ontario is based on the principle of separation of powers authority is distributed among several branches (executive, legislative and judicial)  an attempt to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of a small group of people.  In such a system, the executive does not pass laws (the role of the legislature) or interpret them (the role of the judiciary). Instead, the executive enforces the law as written by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary. The executive can be the source of certain types of law, such as a decree or executive order. Executive bureaucracies are commonly the source of regulations.

Trillium TalkTV Live with Bob Yaciuk, Leader
Click here to join the LIVE Trillium TalkTV

Caroline Mulroney

I’ve never met Caroline, nor have I ever spoken to her.  She may  be a wonderful person, but is she familiar with, and can she relate to the normal Grassroot Ontarian?

  • Caroline was born into wealth with a famous last name.
  • She married into even more wealth.
  • I doubt that she needed a part time job to attend Harvard.
  • I’ll bet the farm, that her kids are attending private schools, which is perhaps why she is disconnected with the Ontario sex-ed program for the rest of the parents and kids in the Province.
  • She lives in Rosedale, and her second property in Sutton is worth millions.
  • She claims that excessive hydro rates are causing people to choose between buying hockey equipment, or going out to dinner. I suspect that the choices facing the vast majority of Ontario citizens may be a little more elementary.
  • She defers the Conservative nomination fiascos to Vic Fedeli rather than taking a stand for democracy.
  • She flip flops on the question of a carbon tax, so who knows where her real commitment is ?
  • She is handed the nomination for probably the most secure Conservative riding in Ontario.

I guess one could say that it’s been a pretty easy ride so far !

Will she spend her time fighting for the Thane clean-up … resisting the encroachments to Lake Simcoe and the Indigenous People … battling for better health care … opposing the sex education program devised by a convicted child pornographer … finding a solution to ludicrous hydro costs ? ….. will she speak up ? – speak loud ?  – speak on behalf of the rural community of York – Simcoe ?

 Here’s one guarantee !


10th Annual Constance Bay Kids’ Fishing Derby on Buckham’s Bay

Jack MacLaren spent a beautiful day  at the 10th Annual Constance Bay Kids’ Fishing Derby on Buckham’s Bay, where about 150 kids were fishing!
This has been the biggest turnout ever and many whopping, big fish were caught, and many wonderful prizes were won!

A great day on the Ottawa River.

Jack MacLaren at Constance Bay with Shauna and AJ Baxter and Shadine and Kevin Robinson
Jack with organizers Shauna and A.J. Baxter and Shadine and Kevin Robinson and their kids.

NCCTs Grand Gala of Canadian Tamils 2018

Trillium Party attended Tamil Recognition Awards Gala L-R: Bob Yaciuk, Amit Pitamber, Jack MacLaren
Trillium Party attended Tamil Recognition Awards Gala L-R: Bob Yaciuk, Amit Pitamber, Jack MacLaren
Dancing Entertainment at the NCCT Grand Gala 2018
Dancing Entertainment at the NCCT Grand Gala 2018

Grand Gala – NCCT

NCCT’s annual dinner “Grand Gala of Canadian Tamils 2018”

Bob Yaciuk- Leader, Amit Pitamber-Candidate, and Jack MacLaren, MPP of The Trillium Party of Ontario,  attended the celebrations and awards last night,,  and had the opportunity to speak about the importance and right for Democracy and Freedom for all citizens of Ontario.
Jack spoke about the need to remove the “terrorist designation” from the liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam.
There was very strong support for the Trillium Party.
 It was an evening of community volunteer recognition and of wonderful cultural music and dancing entertainment. And of course there was good food and good company.!
Video Jack MacLaren and Bob Yaciuk endorcing Democracy and Freedom
Jack MacLaren addressing NCCT about the right for Democracy and Freedom
L-R: Amit Pitamber, Jahnni, Jack MacLaren, Shan Sahathevan, Vel Velauthapillai
Tamil Grand Gala Recognition Awards 2018 L-R: Amit Pitamber, Jahnni, Jack MacLaren, Shan Sahathevan, Vel Velauthapillai

This dinner showcased the activities of NCCT for the last year.  Also, this dinner focused on recognizing individuals and organizations for their achievements.  Awards were presented to individuals who excel in Statesmanship, Education, Arts and Human Rights.