Month: February 2018

Ontario Onion Farmer Explains how the Carbon Tax Will Affect the Agricultural Industry

 Jack MacLaren, Boris Horodynsky, Bob Yaciuk - NO Carbon Tax - Rural Ontarians affected significantly
Boris Horodynsky takes Bob and Jack on a tour of his onion farm to explain how a Carbon Tax will detrimentally affect his livelihood L-R: Jack MacLaren, Boris Horodynsky, Bob Yaciuk

The Carbon Tax is harming rural Ontario, — farmers, in particular. One of these farmers that will be significantly affected by this Carbon Tax, is Boris Horodynsky.

Today, Boris took Bob Yaciuk and Jack MacLaren on a tour of his farm, while explaining the difficulties and added costs with running his business due to a Carbon Tax.

Horodynsky Farms have been producing onions for almost forty years and built a reputation as being one of the nation’s premier suppliers of onions. From very humble beginnings, the business has developed to over 3 locations and 600 acres under the control of Boris Horodynsky who still plays the primary active role in the running of all aspects of the business.

Today, over 90700 metric tonnes of Grade A onions are grown, packed and shipped from Horodynsky Farms every year to supply wholesalers and the chain supermarkets.

The Trillium Party of Ontario vows to end the Carbon Tax.  We always have, and always will.

Onion Farmer Boris Horodynsky OLA
Trillium Party supports the Ontario Land Owners and vows to end the Carbon Tax L-R: Jack MacLaren, Bob Yaciuk, and Boris Horodynsky

We are offering Something Different, Something Better!

Northumberland-Peterborough South Trillium Party Candidate Announced

Colborne resident Derek Sharp views his quest to get elected as an MPP in the upcoming June provincial election for the constituency of Northumberland – Peterborough South as quite doable. He plans to have his afternoons from approximately 4 pm to 8 pm cleared, as well as all day Saturday and Sunday, in order that he can go door-to-door canvassing for support.

The leader of the Trillium Party, Bob Yaciuk, speaking Monday night at the announcement of Derek Sharp’s candidacy for the Northumberland-Peterborough South Provincial Seat in the upcoming June 7th election.

He announced his candidacy at Gilligan’s Pub Monday night accompanied by the leader of Ontario’s Trillium Party, Bob Yaciuk and incumbent MPP for Kanata-Carleton Jack MacLaren.

Both men spoke from the small stage located at the back of the pub before Derek stepped up to the podium.

The tagline for Ontario’s newest party is, “Something Different, Something Better.”

The Trillium Party, with about 30 declared candidates according to Bob Yaciuk who is the party leader, has set its foundation on the inalienable rights of the individual to prevail. A broad statement intended to make the point that the priorities of individuals take precedence over those of the government. The family unit is seen as an essential element of this belief and “must be protected against unnecessary intrusions by the government” according to a draft copy of the party’s constitution. Additionally, the government must provide for the basic needs of those who are “incapable of providing for themselves.”

There are other aspects but the core operating principle according to Sharp, Yaciuk and MacLaren is ongoing consultation with the public. Through referendums, and getting out constantly to meet with the public during the term in office, the MPP will be able to vote according to each bill, they claim. The party is dead set against “Whip Voting” which is voting according to the party line regardless of an individual member’s opinion.

The Trillium Party is against all Omnibus bills. Bills should be presented in their separate silos and all members should be allowed to vote according to the preferences of their constituents according to Yaciuk.

According to Derek Sharp’s campaign literature and his brief speech, he does not support a Carbon Tax; the present Sex Ed curriculum that the Liberal Party brought in with much controversy needs to be re-visited; the government should not be seen as a co-parent; the sale of Hydro One should be halted and small businesses need to be helped.

Jack MacLaren, MPP for Kanata-Carleton, is viewed as the template candidate of Trillium Party conscience. Elected for the Progressive Conservatives in 2011 and 2014, he switched over to the Trillium Party last year. Since his declaration, he has both voted for and against 6 bills, a fact that he and the others mentioned last night proving to his mind and the others present that party members will vote according to their conscience.

Sharp moved with his family in 2015 from Ajax to Colborne. Sharp says of the town, “I love the people, the neighbours, the conversations.”

He is a stay-at-home dad he says. His wife works in the auto manufacturing industry. Experience in retail management provided the training ground for this next phase of his life, he said.

At age 42, Sharp is married to Cheri Davis. He has three children, Owen 16, Kelly 14 and Emily 3.

Recently, he promoted two events in Northumberland that were fundraisers, a wrestling card and a musical legends evening.

The local Trillium Party Chief Financial Officer is Rob MacArthur and the interim president is Cheri Davis.

From left, Bob Yaciuk, Derek Sharp & Jack MacLaren at Gilligan’s Pub Monday evening.

At present, in the local organization is small, however, that could change once Derek starts knocking on those 40,000 doors.

info: 905.375.7595




Facebook Live video-Bob Yaciuk, Derek Sharp, Jack MacLaren

The Trillium Party of Ontario’s, Northumberland-Peterborough South Riding Association, was launched tonight at Gilligan’s Pub in Colborne Ontario.

Derek Sharp introduces his Riding Association team,  talks about why he joined the Trillium Party of Ontario, and explains how he can fairly represent his constituents without a Party Whip!

Bob Yaciuk speaks about the Trillium Party grassroots, the Trillium Party Policies, and explains why the Trillium Party is Something Different and Something Better for Ontario.

Jack describes the backroom politics in the Legislature and the reason he crossed the floor from the PC Party to the Trillium Party

Watch and Listen to the Facebook Live video of all 3 candidates as they answer your questions and explain their vision for Ontario.

Carbon Tax


Canada’s total carbon footprint ( 2016 ) was calculated at 1.54 % of the world total …. we ranked behind international shipping…… Ontario’s portion of the world total was somewhere in range of .45 – .65 % making us roughly equal to industrial ” giants ” such as Netherlands and Egypt. If we reduced Ontario’s carbon emissions to zero by shutting down the Province completely and returning it to the Indigenous Nations, the net effect wouldn’t change a thing in the big picture – especially with China at 29. A carbon tax in any form will not reduce our emissions… it will simply put a price on them ! … And business will then do what business always does and that is to increase the price of the finished product by the amount of the tax plus another 10 – 15 % ( spillage ) which in turn will be borne by the consumer.

What about going the other way ? … Using the carrot rather than the stick ? … what about offering tax or cash incentives to industry to reduce their carbon emissions to attainable levels ? … After all, it’s better than increasing everyone’s  daily cost of living.

The Conservative Party claims that their program is “ revenue neutral.” Several billion in, and the same several billion out in the form of tax relief = net zero … so it’s easy math… no carbon revenue and no additional tax relief, so then there’s nothing that needs to be found … Or maybe – just maybe … there was no tax relief at all – or maybe something substantially less than promised. Or maybe – just maybe, the cash is meant to be spent elsewhere and the   “ revenue neutral “ claim is just smoke and mirrors.. go figure !

Steal our Policies, don’t steal our Slogan!

PRESS RELEASE Feb 6th 2018

To PC Leadership Candidate Caroline Mulroney – “Steal our Policies, don’t steal our Slogan”

Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario, says that, “though imitation is the finest form of flattery”, he wishes, “a leadership contender of the PC’s would steal some of the Trillium policies instead of just the slogan”

On Super Bowl Sunday Caroline Mulroney unveiled her new slogan, opening with “Something Different” and closing with “Something New”. Aside from the obvious repetition (as in, ‘different’ is by definition ‘new’), it is a few short words away from being the Trillium Party’s Slogan, Something Different – Something Better, which has represented the Trillium party for the last three years.

“I have a hard time explaining why a candidate applying for such an important Leadership position would make such an amateurish communication oversight. It can only be a result of one of two things. Either she’s so new to politics and doesn’t have the experience, or she is following the advice of a “not so crack” team of advisers. Either answer… not so good for the citizens of Ontario” – Says Bob Yaciuk.

In an accompanying video message, Mr. Bob Yaciuk asks Ms. Mulroney, “if you feel the need to steal something from the Trillium Party, please steal our policies… At least the Ontario taxpayer may get something out of it”. The Trillium Party feels the everyday tax payer would love to have a Provincial government that has the courage to stand against the Carbon Tax schemes, or the Sex-Ed curriculum, which we feel is the government trying to act as co-parents to our children. Or even something as simple as selling inexpensive hydro to “regular folks”, instead of just to Quebec and foreign governments.

The Trillium Party is quickly becoming the choice for Ontarians who want to break the pattern of “Bad Provincial Government”. The reason, in a nutshell, is “They’re all the same and all to blame!” says Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario.

For Further Information Contact:

Open Letter to Ontarians from the Trillium Party of Ontario

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Ontario

The self-inflicted destruction of the Provincial Official Opposition that has occurred over the last week, is simply another chapter in the sad drama that has been Ontario politics for at least the last 12 years.
As entertaining as it is to watch these “power” junkies jockey for first place, we must remember that there is only one victim here, or should I say 13.6 million victims –every citizen of Ontario.

Common phrases I hear each day include, “they’re all the same”, “I told ya so” and the saddest of them all “what do you expect, they’re politicians”.

We should expect more from our leaders. Nay… we should demand more from our leaders. We shouldn’t be so quick to forgive when one or 56 says, “I’m sorry” followed with a payload of “crocodile tears, only after getting caught.

When I was younger, I was taught by my parents that if your mission is to get to the top by destroying everything in front of you, then all you’ve achieved is getting to the top of the bottom of the barrel. And, my friends, the current political barrel is a very deep barrel, with a very low bottom.

I would like to suggest that there is another option out there — the Trillium Party of Ontario. We are a party that was created 4 years ago because we realized real change cannot happen from within, as long as the party back-room bureaucrats are there…. And they are always there. The odd one may be shuffled out, but will be replaced by another of the same. The face of the Party may change but the rotten core will always be there.

The Trillium Party, over the last few years, has done some amazing things.

  • Formed a “grass roots” party from scratch
  • Designed a comprehensive policy platform that is 100 percent based in common sense, and grass roots input.
  • Had a sitting MPP from the big 3 cross the floor to a new party because he believed in having a voice for his constituents (never in history had that been done)
  • Largest defection from a single riding in the history of provincial politics from a “Big 3” party to the Trillium Party (over 600 members and 23 Riding Executives from the King Vaughan PC’s to the Trillium Party.
  • Multiple riding associations have defected to the Trillium Party.
  • And…and…and…

Let’s Try an Experiment.

For this election only, I would like to suggest that, just this once, you try something absolutely different.

  1. Look at the Trillium platform, and assess it to see if it makes sense
  2. Look at our Grassroots Constitution and Guiding Principles
  3. Sit quietly for a moment and reflect on whether, or not, the person you have voted for in the past has really represented your interests in the Legislature, and is your life any better since you’ve been voting for either the NDP, Libs or PC.
  4. Have the courage to support and VOTE for THE TRILLIUM PARTY OF ONTARIO.
  5. When you are asked by polling companies how you plan to vote in the next election simply say, “By secret ballot”. Tell your neighbours and friends you’re voting for whoever they think may be the best choice.  OR, Say ,you are voting for the Trillium Party of Ontario.

So, why do this? There is absolutely no down side. Yes, it’s possible that Liberals or PC’s or NDP may still win; and, life will simply go on as though you never voted at all. You will have ANOTHER government that will most assuredly raise your taxes, or diminish your services, and blame “anyone but them” for their inability to solve your problems.


You could get a Trillium representative as your MPP who is 100% bound to represent you, and only you, for every vote in Parliament (No Party Whips).  A member who can work with either a Conservative government or a Liberal government = you win!

The Trillium Party of Ontario could receive just 6% of the popular vote and that number would shake the foundation of all the parties to the quick. The Big three would be forced to consider the voters of Ontario’s wishes in any new legislation they design. This will happen because it will be demonstrated that the regular folks” have awakened, and are no longer accepting of whatever election-time drivel that is said by the Big 3 parties in order to get a win.

This is the first time in 80 years of provincial politics that real grass roots can happen.  I ask that you please have the courage to try SOMETHING DIFFERENT – SOMETHING BETTER.

Support the Trillium Party of Ontario.

Bob Yaciuk
Leader Trillium Ontario