Windsor 420 Festival- APRIL 20-21-Privatize Cannabis Distribution

2nd Annual Epic 420/421 Festival

2nd Annual Epic 420/421 Festival updated their cover photo.

The Trillium Party leader, Bob Yaciuk,  will  be in attendance for both days of the Festival to represent the Trillium Party’s stance on Privatization of Cannabis Distribution.
The two day 420 Windsor Festival takes place in Charles Clark Square
April 20th and April 21st from 11am-11pm
Admission is only $5 or a single canned good contribution in support of local food banks.

The Trillium Party believes:

The discussion regarding whether marijuana should be legal or not is over. Now the only question is what is the most appropriate way to have it sold in Ontario.

Safety in our communities is paramount, and for this reason we believe there should be strict guidelines in place regarding locations, age requirements and security.

The Trillium Party believes the safest way to accomplish all these goals is to have the private sector be responsible for the sale of legal marijuana. Unlike the suggested method of distribution in an LCBO type of store front. We believe that smaller distributors will heed penalties for rule infractions many times over the LCBO model.  After all, have you ever heard of an LCBO losing it’s licence for selling to a minor.

 November 2017

Trillium MPP Jack MacLaren speaks on Cannabis Distribution Bill 174

Hon. Member Jack MacLaren stands up for Small Businesses in the rightful and safe distribution of Cannabis.

Mr. Jack MacLaren: The Trillium Party strongly
supports selling legal cannabis through regulated, independent
small business outlets. This will be competitive,
effective and efficient, and the lowest-cost service to