Liberals Concede Defeat on June 7th Election


PRESS RELEASE:   June 2, 2018

Liberals Concede Defeat on June 7th Election

Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario, says that

“the job of every MPP is to fight till there is no fight left in them, for what they believe to be true and right”.

When Ms. Wynne made the announcement today, admitting defeat a few days before election day, it was certainly the exact opposite of how an MPP, and in particular, the Leader of a province, should lead. All of her supporters were undermined, and her candidates were stabbed in the back.

The concern is, that Ms. Wynne, is using her old trick of acting remorseful and chastened. Please don’t fall for this tried and true deception. The obvious example is, the “Gas plant scandal”, in which $1.6 billion or $2 billion (depending on accounting methods) vapourized.   She came out, apologized, cried a little, and the people forgave her.

Today’s shameless act of begging the voter to allow the Liberals to be the wielder of the “balance of power” is incomprehensible.  The Liberals should be completely removed from having any influence on the next Parliament in any way whatsoever…period! Hopefully, the voter will not be tricked by her “crocodile tears” and make this a reality.

I do agree with Ms. Wynne on this one thing: The next Parliament needs representation which will tame and regulate the two remaining giants, the NDP and PC’s. However, this should be the Trillium Party of Ontario, who has experience in Provincial Parliament, has a platform that is common sense, has no baggage, and has candidates that are there for the single purpose of doing what’s right, and not for blatant opportunistic reasons.

Mr. Yaciuk states

“this is the time of change and we need to try SOMETHING DIFFERENT – SOMETHING BETTER!”.