ONTARIO IS DROWNING…………DON’T DROWN WITH IT! – Video that finally broke through the media!


It has been an extremely frustrating media battle between the Trillium Party of Ontario and the major mainstream media.   We have finally been noticed on Power & Politics on the CBC because of this video, which was the intent of it.

Ontario is Drowning…Don’t drown with it!

Do you feel like you’re DROWNING this election, trying to decide which is the less of two evils? With no Party Whip ordering them how to think, Try the Trillium Party of Ontario. Take the PLUNGE with Bob Yaciuk and the #TrilliumParty on June 7th to bring #SomethingDifferent and #SomethingBetter to #Ontario!

Having broken a piece out of that media barrier, we have gotten your attention and we are now wanting you to take a Serious look at us.  We are not a team of whatever moniker the media wants to give us, we are doing whatever we have to in order to get your attention.  Now that we have it…..

We are a very serious party, and we mean serious business.  Our platform has been solid for the last 4 years, and it is exactly what Ontario needs to become the proud province that we once were.

Trillium Leader, Bob Yaciuk, spoke with  Doug Ford about supporting the Trillium Party months before Doug threw his hat into the ring.   All of our policies and ideas were explained to him.

Doug obviously thought they were good ideas, because he used our platform to get himself elected as leader.  It worked!  Now he sings a different story.  No change to the Sex Ed Curriculum, Carbon Tax (he will be replacing the Cap and Trade as per the People’s Guarantee signed by Patrick Brown on behalf of the backroom);  LCBO marijuana monopoly on distribution, which will cost the taxpayers MORE money to support the overhead to pay for buildings, taxes, and government employees;  No complete platform even though he promised one while running for leadership.  Doug is now under the thumb of the PC backroom and will do as he’s told by them…not by YOU.

We ARE the OTHER choice.

With no Party Whip, we are the only party that will provide true representation for every constituent in every riding in Ontario.  Our elected MPPs are mandated by our constitution to speak, act, and vote according to how YOU tell them to (through referendums, vote cards, polls, personal contact).  Regardless of his/her own personal opinion or how other Party members are voting, he/she MUST act on your behalf.


We are continuously getting emails and messages from the public asking why they haven’t heard of our party until now.  It’s NOT because we haven’t been trying.  We HAVE!  We have written and put out several press releases that have been repeatedly sent to over 300 media outlets, including the CBC, CTV, CityTV, and other mainstream newspapers, radio, and television co over the past couple of years, primarily over the last 12 months.  We have even had some of these media companies unsubscribe to our Press Release notifications because they have no intent on every publishing one.

We have had a sitting MPP voting and creating legislature on behalf of the Trillium Party for the last year with no media attention.

We have had our MPP, Jack MacLaren,  provide proof in the legislature that the government and legislature broke the law regarding the Hydro plan, only to be silenced and escorted out of the legislature because he refused to withdraw his remarks.  Jack chose NOT to withdraw his remarks so that there would be a permanent record in the transcripts, and in Queen’s Park’s Hansard.  If Jack did withdraw his remarks, they would have been stricken from every single record as if they never happened.  The Government Broke the Law, and they refused to allow an elected MPP to provide that proof.

We held a Press Conference at Queen’s Park announcing our intent to proceed with legal avenues to fight CBC, that is publicly funded, to allow Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party, to participate in the Leaders’ Debate.  Not a single person showed up.

We have been refused entry into major debates despite being officially acknowledged as the Fourth Party by  Shafiq Qaadri ,the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premiere of Ontario on November 20th, 2017.   This is in Hansard.

We have had 4 riding associations move from PC to Trillium Party with no mention in the media.

We have been excluded from news articles and questionnaires and then see the article in the paper that says “Trillium Party did not respond”.  That’s because we never receive a notice that we were supposed to respond.

The articles that have been written have most often been twisted, misquoted, reporter-biased, half truths.

ONE Trillium MPP CAN and WILL hold the sitting government accountable.   This is how…………………

We will make sure the public knows every time their elected MPP doesn’t show up to vote on a Bill that will directly affect his constituents, simply because he is afraid of the consequences imposed by the Party Whip.

We will make sure the public knows when their elected MPP does not vote for legislation or speak out for legislation that is beneficial to their Riding Constituents.

We will make sure that all topics are discussed, debated, and voted on.  If the PCs choose NOT to discuss the Sex Ed Curriculum, your Trillium MPP will bring it up and force them to.

This is how we hold our government accountable.  We need a NEW party in there that isn’t holding hands with all the other parties!

It’s just ONE vote!  Give us a try!

Vote for Trillium Party of Ontario on JUNE 7th.