About the Party

The Trillium Party of Ontario had its first seed planted in 2014. It was at this time that the Liberals of Ontario and the Progressive Conservatives where battling it out to be in charge of what was left of our province.

It was Bob Yaciuk, with several others, that realized there probably wasn’t a Liberal supporter that could stand up and say without hesitation that “they were proud of the track record of the ‘Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne’ record”;  and equally, not a Progressive Conservative that could stand up and say “Wow, that Tim Hudak or John Tory sure rocked my world”.   Next, the provincial PC’s under Patrick Brown were being criminally investigated even before they were in office.  And Kathleen Wynne has also made her appearances in the courtroom in the past 12 months.  Now we have the latest and greatest PC  Leader who made all kinds of promises to get the leadership, and already threw 3 of them away, within the last month.

Most of this attitude — anger at best, and indifference at worst — was founded in an absolute distrust that any of the current political parties, with their “say whatever you have to to win!”, poll driven policy statements, had earned any hope of being credible.

This, combined with a seemingly absence of common sense goals and a complete lack of understanding of the needs of “regular folks”, piled on top of what almost felt like disdain for regular everyday people, added up to one thing.


We cobbled together a few ideas and started to present them to friends, family, and community groups. The next thing you know, it was suggested that we should create our own party that had a few simple goals.

Prioritize policy that is designed to:

                                • benefit the citizens of Ontario specifically. Every citizen of Ontario should, if they work hard and smart, have a fulfilling job so they can fulfill their and their families dreams.
                                • Move us toward an attitude of growing and thriving rather than asking everyone who is carrying the freight (a.k.a. taxpayers) to constantly be cutting back and being restricted from pursuing their dreams.
                                • The Trillium Party of Ontario believes every family should feel they can enjoy the pleasure of home ownership if they desire.
                                • The job of the gov’t of Ontario is to facilitate the wishes and dreams of their citizens…NOT DEFINE THEM!
                                • And above all, TRUTH IN FACTS AND FIGURES. Only when a person has accurate information can that person make an informed decision.

Please consider the Trillium Party as a viable alternative to what is out here now. Amazing things can happen when you honestly ask for SOMETHING DIFFERENT, SOMETHING BETTER!