Bob Yaciuk attends Aurora CC debate and luncheon

Thank you very much to the Aurora Chamber of Commerce for inviting Bob Yaciuk of the Trillium Party to participate.  We appreciated the fairness and the opportunity to be heard. Bravo!

YOU aren’t the only one wondering why there aren’t any public debates, forums, or candidate sessions in Newmarket-Aurora!

WHY are only the 3 main parties invited to the candidate sessions that ARE available?  Does Ontario not want change?  Do we honestly believe that one of these 3 main parties, who have died a thousand deaths trying to prove themselves over the last 30 years, is really going to wake up on June 8th and fix what they’ve broken?

We are so conditioned to vote Red, Blue, or Orange, that we forget that we have an ALTERNATIVE!


The Trillium Party of Ontario IS the fourth Party that represents you at Queen’s Park.  We are registered in the Ontario Legislature’s Hansard as the Fourth Party without contest.  We have a sitting MPP that brings forth Private Members’ Bills, and votes on legislation that directly affects you and your family. You’ve heard very little news about this, and it’s the fault of our media, and organizers.  The elitists don’t want change.  They like it how it is with the main 3 parties taking turns every 4- 8 years, pretending to do what’s best for you, while the backroom and major party donators sit back and drink tea and smoke cigars.

The FACT is that they have NO IDEA WHAT YOU WANT, because they’ve never asked you.  They do what they want, or more precisely, what their back room, that has held onto their “thrones” forever and are afraid of losing them, orders them to do.  The 3 main parties have a paid-for legitimate position called The Party Whip.  This is not a made-up position.  It’s real.  The job of the Party Whip is to make sure that every member of that party votes how the backroom tells him/her to.  If they don’t vote according to what the Whip tells them, the Whip’s new job is to punish them.  Not by physically whipping them, but by taking away privileges, ostracizing them, suspending them within the party, freezing them out, not giving them sought after positions that may have been promised if they would vote a “certain way”.  Most MPPs in these parties will tow the party line and vote how they’re told, whether it’s the right thing to do for the riding of the people who elected them, or not.  The rest, will either not show up (why are we paying these people?), or they sit in their office upstairs at Queen’s Park, hoping that nobody will notice until after the session is over.

NEW FACT– The Trillium Party HAS NO WHIP!

The Mandate of the Trillium Party is that every single elected MPP is under obligation to their constituents to vote ONLY on their behalf, whether it is for or against the majority of the other party MPPs.  It’s the ONLY way that democracy prevails and it is the only thing that makes Common Sense.

How can a person living in Thunder Bay have the same needs as a person living in Downtown Toronto?

THAT’S WHY WE HAVE SO MANY MPPs.  So they can stand up for the people they represent!   That’s the TRILLIUM PARTY OF ONTARIO.  And that’s why the current main parties are afraid of us.

Even with one Trillium Party MPP at Queen’s Park, we can call the government out whenever they are out of line, so the citizens of Ontario KNOW when they are not being represented.  We can hold their feet to the fire, and eventually they will have to change their tune or risk their fat paycheques and comfy pensions after the next election.

When people are aware and informed, they ACT.  The main 3 parties would rather keep us asleep, and continue to be the sheep we always have been.

If the media goes against them, they are also punished.  There goes their advertising income, their endorsements, and “Christmas Cards”.


It’s time to let everyone know that we have MORE than 3 choices on June 7th.


That’s the Trillium Party of Ontario

Why isn’t there a Candidates’ Debate in Newmarket-Aurora? – Gordon Prentice at Large – Politics in Newmarket

Why isn’t there a candidates’ debate in Newmarket-Aurora?