Born in Toronto in 1959, Bob Yaciuk has lived his entire life in the province of Ontario and has been married to his amazing wife, Cheryl, for over thirty years.

He currently lives in East Gwillimbury, in the riding of Newmarket – Aurora, and has called this home for pretty much the last 3 decades.

Bob has always been involved in organizing people, from grade school media clubs through high school chess clubs and School Council, to creating The Trillium Party.

Trained as an electrical mechanic, Bob knows what it’s like to have to work hard for a paycheque while working for others, as well as making sure he makes payroll in his own Water Treatment business he’s owned and worked for the last 20 years.

Some accomplishments that he is particularly proud of are:

        • Being a multi term President of the local Chamber of Commerce
        • On the town’s Economic Advisory Committee
        • Founded a Seniors for Seniors home maintenance group
        • Works hard on several community service clubs
        • Golden Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
        • Worked and managed many political candidates, some of which went on to be cabinet ministers
        • Created the Trillium Party of Ontario

A fiercely proud Canadian, Bob has been politically active for most of his life, starting with Student Council and continuing into adult life with Municipal, Provincial, and Federal politics.

He says one of the things he is most proud of is that he has never worked with any political figure that he felt didn’t have a “good moral compass” when it comes to public service.

“Doing the right thing in life is more important than doing what may seem to be the easiest path”, says Bob. And in a large part he has acted this way by often choosing the underdog in most political battles simply because it’s the “right fight”.

Bobs political “highlight reel” consists of:

        • Running for Aurora Town Council
        • Running for MP as the Canadian Alliance Candidate
        • Campaign Manager for multiple MP, MPP, and Town Council Candidates
        • Helped deliver the Reform Party into Ontario
        • Worked on multiple Conservative and PC leadership campaigns
        • Sat on numerous PACS (Policy Advisory Councils)

Bob believes making a difference is important, and standing up for what’s right is mandatory.

The Trillium Party of Ontario is that vehicle which will allow him and all Ontarians to make their families’ lives better.