Newmarket – Aurora


It’s not about the Trillium Party being the “best party”, It’s not about how important I am, or how important the people I associate with are. It’s about YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

This is my home. My wife, Cheryl, and I chose to live here for the last thirty years. Shopping here, complaining about the 404 traffic, and objecting to all the “wrong roads” being paved when the “right roads” were being neglected.

I am as grassroots as the come.

I know what it’s like to have to say no, when invited out for an evening with friends, because I wouldn’t be able to afford to pick up my share of the tab. What it’s like to have a bit of rust on my car, but have to hold on to it for “just 1 more year…again”; and be worried when my mortgage payment and insurance have to be paid in the same month.

But, my wife and I have stepped up and met adversity head on and beat it down. I love standing up to bullies– bureaucratic, mental and physical. I don’t back down and have almost always done what I felt was right.

I want to do that for you, the amazing families of Newmarket – Aurora. I want to stand up to all these MPP’s who think they have no choice but to bow to their Party Leaders whims for fear of being sanctioned or punished.

I have worked with major political parties for over a quarter of a century, always trying to change it from within. I now know … it simply can’t be done! We have over thirty years of debt-ridden government to prove that. The only way to change this mess is from the outside. We have to grab this political beast by the horns and make this “abuse” we call government, submit to the democratic process of allowing free votes. Your representative should … MUST vote for any legislation that reflect the will of his or her constituents. Isn’t that why you elect them?

I could go on touting up a padded “for show” resume. But a simple fact is this, if you want to judge what a person will do check out what they have done. It’s about character. It’s about not quitting when you don’t get what you want. It’s about not being afraid to demand what we deserve, and never stepping aside against a bully or tyrant, even if that bully or tyrant is called a Party Whip or Leader of the Party.

Votes by the numbers

You will be shocked at how few people control your future as an Ontarian. The simple reason is this….you choose not to! If not you, then your neighbour. Here’s why. Only 40% of eligible voters actually vote. So, if this was a room of 10 people, this is how it works.

        • • 4 people will vote. 6 people will stay at home
          • 1 of those 4 people will vote for blue team, simply because they always have. 1 person will vote for red team (approx.) simply because they always have.
          • The 2 remaining voters will split their vote up between the red, blue, and orange team.

Approximately 1 of these votes will go toward the winning team, and the other vote will be divided among the 2 losing teams

Conclusion – 10 people’s lives will be decided by 1.5 people out of 10.


I ask this of you…..Take ONE hour of ONE day out of 4 years, and vote for Something Different, Something Better.

Vote for Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario and a 30+ year resident of Newmarket-Aurora.

I will prove that ONE man will make a difference in Queen’s Park, by forcing them to support good policy or be exposed when they don’t stand up and vote for a bill that they said they would. I will introduce that bill and make sure they don’t hide in their offices when the tough votes are asked for.

That is my word, and my promise.

This is my home and I will earn the right to have your support every day at Queen’s Park when elected.

Bob Yaciuk

Born in Toronto in 1959, Bob Yaciuk has lived his entire life in the province of Ontario and has been married to his amazing wife, Cheryl, for over thirty years.
He currently lives in East Gwillimbury, in the riding of Newmarket – Aurora, and has called this home for pretty much the last 3 decades.

Bob has always been involved in organizing people, from grade school media clubs through high school chess clubs and School Council, to creating The Trillium Party.

Trained as an electrical mechanic, Bob knows what it’s like to have to work hard for a paycheque while working for others, as well as making sure he makes payroll in his own Water Treatment business he’s owned and worked for the last 20 years.

Some accomplishments that he is particularly proud of are:

Being a multi term President of the local Chamber of Commerce

On the town’s Economic Advisory Committee

Founded a Seniors for Seniors home maintenance group

Works hard on several community service clubs

Golden Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Worked and managed many political candidates, some of which went on to be cabinet ministers

Created the Trillium Party of Ontario

A fiercely proud Canadian, Bob has been politically active for most of his life, starting with Student Council and continuing into adult life with Municipal, Provincial, and Federal politics.
He says one of the things he is most proud of is that he has never worked with any political figure that he felt didn’t have a “good moral compass” when it comes to public service.

“Doing the right thing in life is more important than doing what may seem to be the easiest path”, says Bob. And in a large part he has acted this way by often choosing the underdog in most political battles simply because it’s the “right fight”.

Bobs political “highlight reel” consists of:

Running for Aurora Town Council

Running for MP as the Canadian Alliance Candidate

Campaign Manager for multiple MP, MPP, and Town Council Candidates

Helped deliver the Reform Party into Ontario

Worked on multiple Conservative and PC leadership campaigns

Sat on numerous PACS (Policy Advisory Councils)
Bob believes making a difference is important, and standing up for what’s right is mandatory.

The Trillium Party of Ontario is that vehicle which will allow him and all Ontarians to make their families’ lives better.

PHONE: 289-319-1220

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