Caroline Mulroney

I’ve never met Caroline, nor have I ever spoken to her.  She may  be a wonderful person, but is she familiar with, and can she relate to the normal Grassroot Ontarian?

  • Caroline was born into wealth with a famous last name.
  • She married into even more wealth.
  • I doubt that she needed a part time job to attend Harvard.
  • I’ll bet the farm, that her kids are attending private schools, which is perhaps why she is disconnected with the Ontario sex-ed program for the rest of the parents and kids in the Province.
  • She lives in Rosedale, and her second property in Sutton is worth millions.
  • She claims that excessive hydro rates are causing people to choose between buying hockey equipment, or going out to dinner. I suspect that the choices facing the vast majority of Ontario citizens may be a little more elementary.
  • She defers the Conservative nomination fiascos to Vic Fedeli rather than taking a stand for democracy.
  • She flip flops on the question of a carbon tax, so who knows where her real commitment is ?
  • She is handed the nomination for probably the most secure Conservative riding in Ontario.

I guess one could say that it’s been a pretty easy ride so far !

Will she spend her time fighting for the Thane clean-up … resisting the encroachments to Lake Simcoe and the Indigenous People … battling for better health care … opposing the sex education program devised by a convicted child pornographer … finding a solution to ludicrous hydro costs ? ….. will she speak up ? – speak loud ?  – speak on behalf of the rural community of York – Simcoe ?

 Here’s one guarantee !