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May 15           Event #1 – Kingston Real Estate Association Breakfast

– May 15th     Debate #2 – Health City Kingston

 May 16th     Debate #3 – Sisters of Providence

– May 17th     Event #4 – Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

– May 22nd    Debate #5 – Frontenac Federation of Agriculture

 May 24th     Debate #6 – Chamber of Commerce

– May 31st      Event #7 – Kingston and Area High Schools

List of Upcoming Debates and Meetings Andre will be participating in

Kingston and the Islands debate schedule:

Debate #1 – Health City – May 15th. Also includes OPSEU and the Kingston Health Coalition. The Health City event itself is sponsored by the OMA.

Debate #2 – Sister of Providence – May 16th – Televised on Cogeco

Event #3 – Chamber of Commerce Luncheon – May 17th

Debate #4 – Frontenac Federation of Agriculture – May 22nd

Debate #5 – Chamber of Commerce – May 24th – Televised on Cogeco

Event #6 – Kingston and Area High Schools – May 31st

Please come out to these events and show Derek your support and hear what he has to say. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Derek through the information on