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ONTARIO IS DROWNING…………DON’T DROWN WITH IT! – Video that finally broke through the media!


It has been an extremely frustrating media battle between the Trillium Party of Ontario and the major mainstream media.   We have finally been noticed on Power & Politics on the CBC because of this video, which was the intent of it.

Ontario is Drowning…Don’t drown with it!

Do you feel like you’re DROWNING this election, trying to decide which is the less of two evils? With no Party Whip ordering them how to think, Try the Trillium Party of Ontario. Take the PLUNGE with Bob Yaciuk and the #TrilliumParty on June 7th to bring #SomethingDifferent and #SomethingBetter to #Ontario!

Having broken a piece out of that media barrier, we have gotten your attention and we are now wanting you to take a Serious look at us.  We are not a team of whatever moniker the media wants to give us, we are doing whatever we have to in order to get your attention.  Now that we have it…..

We are a very serious party, and we mean serious business.  Our platform has been solid for the last 4 years, and it is exactly what Ontario needs to become the proud province that we once were.

Trillium Leader, Bob Yaciuk, spoke with  Doug Ford about supporting the Trillium Party months before Doug threw his hat into the ring.   All of our policies and ideas were explained to him.

Doug obviously thought they were good ideas, because he used our platform to get himself elected as leader.  It worked!  Now he sings a different story.  No change to the Sex Ed Curriculum, Carbon Tax (he will be replacing the Cap and Trade as per the People’s Guarantee signed by Patrick Brown on behalf of the backroom);  LCBO marijuana monopoly on distribution, which will cost the taxpayers MORE money to support the overhead to pay for buildings, taxes, and government employees;  No complete platform even though he promised one while running for leadership.  Doug is now under the thumb of the PC backroom and will do as he’s told by them…not by YOU.

We ARE the OTHER choice.

With no Party Whip, we are the only party that will provide true representation for every constituent in every riding in Ontario.  Our elected MPPs are mandated by our constitution to speak, act, and vote according to how YOU tell them to (through referendums, vote cards, polls, personal contact).  Regardless of his/her own personal opinion or how other Party members are voting, he/she MUST act on your behalf.


We are continuously getting emails and messages from the public asking why they haven’t heard of our party until now.  It’s NOT because we haven’t been trying.  We HAVE!  We have written and put out several press releases that have been repeatedly sent to over 300 media outlets, including the CBC, CTV, CityTV, and other mainstream newspapers, radio, and television co over the past couple of years, primarily over the last 12 months.  We have even had some of these media companies unsubscribe to our Press Release notifications because they have no intent on every publishing one.

We have had a sitting MPP voting and creating legislature on behalf of the Trillium Party for the last year with no media attention.

We have had our MPP, Jack MacLaren,  provide proof in the legislature that the government and legislature broke the law regarding the Hydro plan, only to be silenced and escorted out of the legislature because he refused to withdraw his remarks.  Jack chose NOT to withdraw his remarks so that there would be a permanent record in the transcripts, and in Queen’s Park’s Hansard.  If Jack did withdraw his remarks, they would have been stricken from every single record as if they never happened.  The Government Broke the Law, and they refused to allow an elected MPP to provide that proof.

We held a Press Conference at Queen’s Park announcing our intent to proceed with legal avenues to fight CBC, that is publicly funded, to allow Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party, to participate in the Leaders’ Debate.  Not a single person showed up.

We have been refused entry into major debates despite being officially acknowledged as the Fourth Party by  Shafiq Qaadri ,the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premiere of Ontario on November 20th, 2017.   This is in Hansard.

We have had 4 riding associations move from PC to Trillium Party with no mention in the media.

We have been excluded from news articles and questionnaires and then see the article in the paper that says “Trillium Party did not respond”.  That’s because we never receive a notice that we were supposed to respond.

The articles that have been written have most often been twisted, misquoted, reporter-biased, half truths.

ONE Trillium MPP CAN and WILL hold the sitting government accountable.   This is how…………………

We will make sure the public knows every time their elected MPP doesn’t show up to vote on a Bill that will directly affect his constituents, simply because he is afraid of the consequences imposed by the Party Whip.

We will make sure the public knows when their elected MPP does not vote for legislation or speak out for legislation that is beneficial to their Riding Constituents.

We will make sure that all topics are discussed, debated, and voted on.  If the PCs choose NOT to discuss the Sex Ed Curriculum, your Trillium MPP will bring it up and force them to.

This is how we hold our government accountable.  We need a NEW party in there that isn’t holding hands with all the other parties!

It’s just ONE vote!  Give us a try!

Vote for Trillium Party of Ontario on JUNE 7th.

Liberals Concede Defeat on June 7th Election


PRESS RELEASE:   June 2, 2018

Liberals Concede Defeat on June 7th Election

Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario, says that

“the job of every MPP is to fight till there is no fight left in them, for what they believe to be true and right”.

When Ms. Wynne made the announcement today, admitting defeat a few days before election day, it was certainly the exact opposite of how an MPP, and in particular, the Leader of a province, should lead. All of her supporters were undermined, and her candidates were stabbed in the back.

The concern is, that Ms. Wynne, is using her old trick of acting remorseful and chastened. Please don’t fall for this tried and true deception. The obvious example is, the “Gas plant scandal”, in which $1.6 billion or $2 billion (depending on accounting methods) vapourized.   She came out, apologized, cried a little, and the people forgave her.

Today’s shameless act of begging the voter to allow the Liberals to be the wielder of the “balance of power” is incomprehensible.  The Liberals should be completely removed from having any influence on the next Parliament in any way whatsoever…period! Hopefully, the voter will not be tricked by her “crocodile tears” and make this a reality.

I do agree with Ms. Wynne on this one thing: The next Parliament needs representation which will tame and regulate the two remaining giants, the NDP and PC’s. However, this should be the Trillium Party of Ontario, who has experience in Provincial Parliament, has a platform that is common sense, has no baggage, and has candidates that are there for the single purpose of doing what’s right, and not for blatant opportunistic reasons.

Mr. Yaciuk states

“this is the time of change and we need to try SOMETHING DIFFERENT – SOMETHING BETTER!”.


Bob Yaciuk attends Aurora CC debate and luncheon

Thank you very much to the Aurora Chamber of Commerce for inviting Bob Yaciuk of the Trillium Party to participate.  We appreciated the fairness and the opportunity to be heard. Bravo!

YOU aren’t the only one wondering why there aren’t any public debates, forums, or candidate sessions in Newmarket-Aurora!

WHY are only the 3 main parties invited to the candidate sessions that ARE available?  Does Ontario not want change?  Do we honestly believe that one of these 3 main parties, who have died a thousand deaths trying to prove themselves over the last 30 years, is really going to wake up on June 8th and fix what they’ve broken?

We are so conditioned to vote Red, Blue, or Orange, that we forget that we have an ALTERNATIVE!


The Trillium Party of Ontario IS the fourth Party that represents you at Queen’s Park.  We are registered in the Ontario Legislature’s Hansard as the Fourth Party without contest.  We have a sitting MPP that brings forth Private Members’ Bills, and votes on legislation that directly affects you and your family. You’ve heard very little news about this, and it’s the fault of our media, and organizers.  The elitists don’t want change.  They like it how it is with the main 3 parties taking turns every 4- 8 years, pretending to do what’s best for you, while the backroom and major party donators sit back and drink tea and smoke cigars.

The FACT is that they have NO IDEA WHAT YOU WANT, because they’ve never asked you.  They do what they want, or more precisely, what their back room, that has held onto their “thrones” forever and are afraid of losing them, orders them to do.  The 3 main parties have a paid-for legitimate position called The Party Whip.  This is not a made-up position.  It’s real.  The job of the Party Whip is to make sure that every member of that party votes how the backroom tells him/her to.  If they don’t vote according to what the Whip tells them, the Whip’s new job is to punish them.  Not by physically whipping them, but by taking away privileges, ostracizing them, suspending them within the party, freezing them out, not giving them sought after positions that may have been promised if they would vote a “certain way”.  Most MPPs in these parties will tow the party line and vote how they’re told, whether it’s the right thing to do for the riding of the people who elected them, or not.  The rest, will either not show up (why are we paying these people?), or they sit in their office upstairs at Queen’s Park, hoping that nobody will notice until after the session is over.

NEW FACT– The Trillium Party HAS NO WHIP!

The Mandate of the Trillium Party is that every single elected MPP is under obligation to their constituents to vote ONLY on their behalf, whether it is for or against the majority of the other party MPPs.  It’s the ONLY way that democracy prevails and it is the only thing that makes Common Sense.

How can a person living in Thunder Bay have the same needs as a person living in Downtown Toronto?

THAT’S WHY WE HAVE SO MANY MPPs.  So they can stand up for the people they represent!   That’s the TRILLIUM PARTY OF ONTARIO.  And that’s why the current main parties are afraid of us.

Even with one Trillium Party MPP at Queen’s Park, we can call the government out whenever they are out of line, so the citizens of Ontario KNOW when they are not being represented.  We can hold their feet to the fire, and eventually they will have to change their tune or risk their fat paycheques and comfy pensions after the next election.

When people are aware and informed, they ACT.  The main 3 parties would rather keep us asleep, and continue to be the sheep we always have been.

If the media goes against them, they are also punished.  There goes their advertising income, their endorsements, and “Christmas Cards”.


It’s time to let everyone know that we have MORE than 3 choices on June 7th.


That’s the Trillium Party of Ontario

Why isn’t there a Candidates’ Debate in Newmarket-Aurora? – Gordon Prentice at Large – Politics in Newmarket

Why isn’t there a candidates’ debate in Newmarket-Aurora?

BOB YACIUK BANNED from Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Candidates Breakfast Debate – VIDEO

Trillium Party Leader, and Newmarket-Aurora Candidate, Bob Yaciuk, was banned from participating in the Elitist Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Candidates’ Breakfast Debate. Despite his numerous attempts to get a chance to be heard by the people in his riding, Bob was not given a legitimate reason for not being allowed to attend, other than “because we said you can’t”.

Anyone who knows Bob, knows that he loves his community and he is determined.

He attended the Chamber of Commerce on the morning of the May 24th debate and again requested to have a seat at the table with the other candidates. The answer was still a firm “NO”, and Bob was asked to remove his advertising.   He did make his way around the room though, as was his right as a member of the public.

Bob Yaciuk has lived in the Newmarket-Aurora area for over 35 years. He has lived in the same home with his wife, Cheryl, for 30 years, he shops in Newmarket, he buys his groceries there, he owns his own business there, his doctor is there, he pays taxes there, he is INVESTED in Newmarket and may be the candidate who cares the MOST about his home town that’s running in this Riding. The parachuted candidate, Christine Elliot, was invited to the debate, who has no vested interested in Newmarket at all.  How is this democracy?

How can there be ANY change if the media continues to favour the same 3 Parties, and not allow people to hear what the others have to say?

Trillium Party is the ONLY party that does not, and WILL NEVER have a Party Whip. The Party Whip is a REAL government paid position. He/she has an Office at Queen’s Park, and his/her most important job is to make sure everyone in the party he/she represents votes the same way. If anyone votes differently, they are punished in several different ways. ie, having privileges, rewards, rights taken away. The Trillium Party MPPs are mandidated to vote on behalf of their Constituents. ONLY their constituents.

If organizations like the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce feel that they have the right to decide what the business community and the taxpayers are allowed to hear, in order to influence their vote, WHERE IS THE DEMOCRACY?

Please help us stop the Manipulation. Let everyone be heard. It’s time for change. Vote for Bob Yaciuk in Newmarket-Aurora, or the Trillium Candidate in your riding!

Bob Yaciuk BANNED from Newmarket Chamber Candidates Debate

Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario, Candidate of Newmarket-Aurora was repeatedly denied admittance to the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Candidate Debate on May 24th. Bob has lived in the Newmarket-Aurora area for over 35 years.

Toronto Business Journal- Headline News

Ontario Trillium Party Presents Alternative to the Three Main Political Parties : Toronto Business Journal – Toronto Newspaper

Where are we, and where SHOULD we be? Ontario was once a powerhouse. It was a place that everyone in Canada was jealous of. The reason they were jealous was because we had the best roads, the best medical system, the best homes, the best schools, and the best jobs.

“Ontario Trillium Party Presents Alternative to the 3 Main Political Parties”

What the Trillium Party Stands for.

In short, a Trillium supporter respects Freedom and Democracy, and also accepts that the constitution of this country is the foundation for all Laws that are to be made by the province.

These are a few of our policy planks.  Planks that we have had for over 3 years.  They haven’t changed.  Their values and ideas are good.


Our most important policy, and the one that trumps all others, is this: 

A Trillium Party MPP must represent the wishes and needs of his or her constituents.  NO PARTY WHIP.  What is the Party Whip? It is a real job, a real person, and it is paid for by the taxpayers.  It is the sole job of this person, to walk down the hallway and punish any and all who disobey the Leader of their party.  This position will never exist in the Trillium Party of Ontario.  There will ONLY be two times when a unified vote is expected—a Non-Confidence vote, and a Budget vote.  This is the single most important platform plank that our party, or any party, should have, otherwise, there is simply no reason for an MPP to exist, as he or she could just proxy their vote to the Leader and save the taxpayer millions of dollars.


We must get our hydro rates back to being the cheapest in North America. The cost of electrical energy affects almost every aspect of our lives—from the cost of running our daily household to deciding whether industry, and the jobs that come with it, will come to and stay in Ontario.  It’s abhorrent that the government has picked 16 protected businesses that don’t have to pay the same rates as the unfavoured businesses.  Every person in Ontario should be paying, at most, the same price for electricity that we sell it to the United States and Quebec for.  That’s not only decent, but that’s the law.  The Trillium Party of Ontario will cancel the Green Energy programme because it forces us to subsidize rates for windmills and solar panels,–rates that are ridiculous, bordering on criminal.

The Blue team (PCs) has already stated that they will not stop the windmill construction or remove the windmills as enforced by Mr. Ford’s endorsement of the Fair Hydro Plan, which states that they must exist.

With the Trillium Party, the Samsung contracts will be legally cancelled.  The selling off of Hydro One will cease.  We will be turning on all the water power generators that we have, which have been turned down to less than 5-10% of their capacity to allow the subsidy for wind and solar power.  This is our promise.  You will have significantly less expensive hydro.  Not just for the short term, but for the long term.


Right now we are not even close to the top of the list of healthcare providers in the world.  This has to be changed.  The Trillium Party is the only party that has put a comprehensive healthcare platform programme on the table.  It is modelled after the Taiwanese HC programme, which is recognized as the number one healthcare system in the world.  It’s a type of “credit card” system that ensures that all your healthcare needs are fully funded.   It also tracks every dollar spent and allows for close monitoring for efficiencies, while severely hampering those who wish to defraud the healthcare system.  More money will go to the frontline services where it is needed.  Straight to the patients…not the administration.


The Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade does zero to help our environment.
It does nothing more than take money out of your pocket to pay for the myriad of wasteful projects the government seems to have an endless supply of.  It WILL send countless job creators out of the province. You will lose jobs. PERIOD.


The Trillium Party believes one of the most significant undeniable rights is for you, as a parent, to be able to instill a moral compass and ethical guidelines in your child, that reflect your values, your beliefs, and your principles.   Ontario is a collage of cultures and beliefs that should all be subject to the Canadian tradition of respect and tolerance.  Quite simply, a system that was designed by an education minister that was convicted and imprisoned for multiple offences related to child pornography, should be reason enough to pump the brakes hard on this, and demand a full review.

I often tell a story about how, when we were children, not a single one of us asked our parents about their policy regarding child rearing.  What we did have was a complete trust in our parent’s absolute caring for us.  We knew that every decision they made was the best decision they were capable of making for our well being.  This is much how it should be when you hire an MPP to represent you in Provincial Parliament.  Every move – decision – action  they make, while getting paid as an MPP, should be for the benefit of the approximately 120,000 residents they represent, and nobody else.

This is the principle guideline of the Trillium Party of Ontario.


Why the Trillium Party?

Where are we, and where SHOULD we be?  Ontario was once a powerhouse.  It was a place that everyone in Canada was jealous of.  The reason they were jealous was because we had the best roads, the best medical system, the best homes, the best schools, and the best jobs.

This has been eroded by a series of governments from all the 3 major political parties over the last 30 years.  Namely, the PCs, the Liberals, and the NDP.

The major problem is that most voters can’t remember the “good times”.  They can’t imagine the way it once was.  We are no longer the province that’s envied by all others, and this is because we, the public, have learned to accept and not expect anything better than what we have been offered for the last 30 years.

This is because the main parties know for a fact, that you will vote for them.  You will vote just to get the current government out.  Then, you will cross your fingers that things will get better, and it never does.  History has told us that.  Then the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again.

It’s got to the point that 60% of the people see that it simply doesn’t matter which party you vote for because they’re all the same, and they choose to simply not vote at all.  Rather than abstain, use your constitutional and democratic right to vote for an alternative.  Something Different from the arrogant Big 3 parties.

The Trillium Party offers a true alternative to the  “Them or Them” concept, because the fact is, they’re all the same and they’re all to blame.  We are Different.

Take this last parliament alone.  The PCs voted as a block for almost every one of the controversial Liberal Bills that were put through, mostly out of fear that they would be perceived as being harsh, bigoted, or uncaring.  Two examples of this are the Sex Ed curriculum that they endorsed wholly, to the bill 193 that allows warrantless entry onto your private property.

The Official Opposition operated for an entire 4 years without a platform or policy, and followed blindly doing whatever the government in power asked/told them to do. They finally had a policy conference last fall, which allegedly represented the Grassroots of their party.  It was then, 100% dissolved and vaporized overnight when the new leadership came in, in the form of Doug Ford.  He invented a brand new policy in one day with NO consultation from his membership, the caucus, or anybody else other than the backroom people!  He promised whatever he had to promise in order to get the leadership, and then within 10 days after that, he “flip flopped” on 3 of those major promises that got him elected.

  • The controversial Liberal Sex Education Curriculum will not be repealed under the Doug Ford regime. Focus Ontario”- Doug Ford stated that the Sex Ed curriuculum was at the bottom of his totem pole). Six days later,
  • Doug Ford stated that rather than the promised private sector distribution of cannabis, he would now be using the Liberals LCBO model.
  • The idea of free votes did not happen. The Party Whip is still in place, stronger than ever.

In short, the cycle of political abuse seems to continue, and seems to be destined to continue regardless if the PCs win or the Liberals win….the policies, the principles, and the ideals seem destined to remain the same as they have for the last 30 years.

The Trillium Party is that breath of fresh air.  That breath of Common Sense that can end that cycle.

Just imagine what it would be like if just 1, 2 or 3 people from the Trillium Party of Ontario would get elected into parliament.

We would act as the referees or conscience of Provincial Parliament.  The Big 3 parties wouldn’t be able to hide anymore.  They would be held accountable and pointed out to the electorate at every turn!

“Who is deciding who runs your future and who runs your life — by the numbers”

You will be shocked at how few people control your future as an Ontarian.   The simple reason is this….you choose not to!  If not you, then your neighbour.  Here’s why.    40% of eligible voters actually vote.  So, if this was a room of 10 people, this is how it works.

  • 4 people will vote. 6 people will stay at home
  • 1 person of those 4 will vote for blue team. 1 person will vote for red team (approx.) simply because they always have
  • The 2 remaining voters will split their vote up between the red, blue, and orange team. Approximately 1 of these votes will go toward the winning team, and the other vote will be divided among the 2 losing teams

Conclusion – 10 people’s lives will be decided by 1.5 people out of 10.


What I want to see is the other 6 people in that room, wake up, look around, take a deep breath, and have the courage to try Something Different and Something Better…

Have the courage to break the cycle of assumption that has been going on for so long.  Have the courage to break out of the cycle that has told you that these are your only options.

What the Trillium Party has, is Heart, Determination, and Courage to take on the bullies of the political system.  But, what we need is your help.  From the 6 other people in that room.  We need you to stand up and say you’re not going to take this abuse anymore.

It’s one hour of one day out of 4 years that we ask you to take the inconvenience of going to a polling station, using your constitutional privilege, and voting for Something Different and Something Better.

Let the other Big 3 parties, know that you have awakened.  Let the other Big 3 that you have discovered an alternative out there, and put them on notice that they better start doing something better for you and not just for themselves.  The Trillium Party is the Other choice on June 7th.

Toronto Business Journal- Bob Yaciuk has Fresh Ideas for Newmarket-Aurora

Election: Ontario Trillium Party Leader Presents Fresh Ideas in Newmarket – Aurora : Toronto Business Journal – Toronto Newspaper

It’s not about the Trillium Party being the “best party”, It’s not about how important I am, or how important the people I associate with are. It’s about and YOUR FAMILY . This is my home. My wife, Cheryl, and I chose to live here for the last thirty years.


It’s not about the Trillium Party being the “best party”, It’s not about how important I am, or how important the people I associate with are.  It’s about YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

This is my home. My wife, Cheryl,  and I chose to live here for the last thirty years. Shopping here, complaining about the 404 traffic, and objecting to all the “wrong roads” being paved when the “right roads” were being neglected.

I am as grassroots as the come.

I know what it’s like to have to say no, when invited out for an evening with friends, because I wouldn’t be able to afford to pick up my share of the tab. What it’s like to have a bit of rust on my car, but have to hold on to it for “just 1 more year…again”;  and be worried when my mortgage payment and insurance have to be paid in the same month.

But, my wife and I have stepped up and met adversity head on and beat it down. I love standing up to bullies– bureaucratic, mental and physical. I don’t back down and have almost always done what I felt was right.

I want to do that for you, the amazing families of Newmarket – Aurora.   I want to stand up to all these MPP’s who think they have no choice but to bow to their Party Leaders whims for fear of being sanctioned or punished.

I have worked with major political parties for over a quarter of a century, always trying to change it from within.  I now know … it simply can’t be done! We have over thirty years of debt-ridden government to prove that. The only way to change this mess is from the outside.  We have to grab this political beast by the horns and make this “abuse” we call government, submit to the democratic process of allowing free votes. Your representative should … MUST vote for any legislation that reflect the will of his or her constituents.  Isn’t that why you elect them?

I could go on touting up a padded “for show” resume. But a simple fact is this, if you want to judge what a person will do check out what they have done. It’s about character.  It’s about not quitting when you don’t get what you want.  It’s about not being afraid to demand what we deserve, and never stepping aside against a bully or tyrant, even if that bully or tyrant is called a Party Whip or Leader of the Party.

Votes by the numbers

You will be shocked at how few people control your future as an Ontarian.   The simple reason is this….you choose not to!  If not you, then your neighbour.  Here’s why.    Only 40% of eligible voters actually vote.  So, if this was a room of 10 people, this is how it works.

  • 4 people will vote. 6 people will stay at home
  • 1 of those 4 people will vote for blue team, simply because they always have. 1 person will vote for red team (approx.) simply because they always have.
  • The 2 remaining voters will split their vote up between the red, blue, and orange team. Approximately 1 of these votes will go toward the winning team, and the other vote will be divided among the 2 losing teams

Conclusion – 10 people’s lives will be decided by 1.5 people out of 10.


I ask this of you…..Take ONE hour of ONE day out of 4 years, and vote for Something Different, Something Better.  Vote for Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario and a 30+ year resident of Newmarket-Aurora

I will prove that ONE man will make a difference in Queen’s Park, by forcing them to support good policy or be exposed when they don’t stand up and vote for a bill that they said they would.   I will introduce that bill and make sure they don’t hide in their offices when the tough votes are asked for.

That is my word, and my promise.

This is my home and I will earn the right to have your support every day at Queen’s Park when elected.


Bob Yaciuk


Please donate to help us, help you.

You can donate to your local candidate, your local riding association, or to the Trillium Party in general. Or, all 3.

We do not have the government funded campaign budgets like the other parties. We can only do as much as we can afford, and we can only afford as much as you generously donate.

For #SomethingDifferent #SomethingBetter please donate to the #TrilliumPartyON

It’s time to pick the OTHER choice!  We are fighting a monster known as the Big 3 political parties.  We can’t do it without you!  Any donation will go a long way in getting our word out there.


LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER, AND LEADER OF THE TRILLIUM PARTY OF ONTARIO, BOB YACIUK is not being permitted to speak at the debate alongside parachuted candidates and non-business owners.

We need your help Newmarket residents!

Bob Yaciuk is the Leader and Founder of that Party.  He is also running as a Candidate in his home riding of Newmarket-Aurora.

Bob has been a resident of Newmarket-Aurora for over 35 years!  He owns property here.  He owns his own business here.  He goes to work EVERY DAY in this community.  He lives here, he shops here, he buys his groceries here, he volunteers here, he pays taxes here.

When a parachuted candidate get precidence over a Leader and candidate with this much interest in ensuring that his own home town is fourishing, it’s astounding and a mockery of democracy.

Trillium Party of Ontario has an elected and sitting MPP (Jack MacLaren ) that attends Queen’s Park and votes on legislation that directly affects the constituents of Newmarket and Ontario.

Bob Yaciuk is the Leader and Founder of that Party.  He is also running as a Candidate in his home riding of Newmarket-Aurora.

Bob has been a resident of Newmarket-Aurora for over 35 years!  He owns property hereHe owns his own business here.  He goes to work EVERY DAY in this communityHe lives here, he shops here, he buys his groceries here, he volunteers here, he pays taxes here.

When a parachuted candidate get presidence over a Leader and candidate with this much interest in ensuring that his own home town is fourishing, it’s astounding and a mockery of democracy.

Bob has fought relentlessly for a microphone at this session and has been flat out refused by the Chamber. He’s written letters, he’s phoned, he’s gone down to the Chamber to speak face to face. He is trying to let his constituents know that there IS another choice. A Common Sense Choice. And a Democratic Choice.

The Chamber of Commerce is making the choice for the citizens of Newmarket, by not allowing them the freedom of information and the right to cast an educated vote on June 7th.

Vote @TrilliumPartyON on June 7th to bring back the voice of the people.

#WhatAboutBob #onpoli #TrilliumPartyON #theFixIsIn

CityNews Undemocratic Provincial Leaders’ Debate Rally


CityNews made it perfectly clear that they are the Gatekeepers of who the public will be allowed to choose as their Premier in the next election.

The mainstream media virtually controls all the information that the public hears and sees, and when a democratic election is called, and the media consciously and deliberately selects which parties they will broadcast and promote, it is the equivalent of playing “God”, and is a public manipulation to input their own party favourite.
Despite having an elected MPP in Queen’s Park and being acknowledged in the Legislature as the Fourth Party, CityTV, not only refused Bob Yaciuk to participate in the Leaders’ Debate, but they also refused him admittance into the building.  The Guard was at the gate, with security backing her up.  The windows were covered.  The PC paid-for actors were there.   And…..BOB was there.  Bob was there with a dozen Trillium Party candidates along with their “unpaid” supporters!
Not having the big government funding of the 3 Big Parties, it was refreshing to see supporters still come out to the Rally with their grassroots, home-made signs, to show people that you don’t need big money to know what’s best for their province.  Being spurned and blocked by the mainstream media in general, it was nice that Global News stopped on their way into the building to give Bob a short interview.  Rebel Media was also there, and allowed Bob to speak without censorship.  There is no politician that shows more passion than Bob Yaciuk when it comes to making Ontario a better place to live.

WHAT ABOUT BOB? — Please sign the Petition

Why are ONLY the Big 3 Parties invited to allow the citizens of Ontario hear THEIR voice?

The Trillium Party has a sitting MPP in Queen’s Park, and are the FOURTH party, as recognized in the legislature on November 20th 2017

“Mr. Shafiq Qaadri[Liberal]: …This is going to be a very momentous weekend, because it is going to be the policy weekend for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. I think many are noting that basically it seems the Tories are doing everything we are, except four years later. That’s approximately what I’ve been able to glean from the Conservative Party’s mandate …I have to salute the member from the fourth party. At least the man gets on the record. The honourable Jack MacLaren, the member of the Trillium Party, actually comes forward and whether it’s popular or not, votes on principle—reflecting, by the way, his own constituents.”~Official Records for 20 November 2017, LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO

The Trillium Party has a solid platform and detailed policies to address many of the major issues in Ontario.   The Trillium Party has NO party Whip, which means that every elected MPP will ONLY represent the constituents in their riding.  They are mandated to vote on behalf of their constituents, and will not be intimidated by the Party Leader or punished for voting for what’s best for the constituents of their riding….unlike the 3 main parties.

The way the constitutions of the Big 3 parties, and many of the fringe parties, is set up, has YOU, the taxpayer….the MPP salary payer….paying for someone that is not allowed to speak up for the people that he or she is supposed to be representing.  If you have ever watched a voting session of the Ontario Legislature, you will notice all the empty seats.  The person that you elected and are paying salary to, is not there,  either because they do not think the vote is worth their time and your money enough to show up for, or they choose not to vote because they disagree with the party order and are afraid of being “disciplined” in whichever ways the backroom chooses.  (ie awkward videos suddenly showing up that have been hidden away and covered up until such a time as this.)

The person you elect in your Riding  has absolutely no voice, no say, and no opinion.  You are paying them for absolutely NOTHING.  The back room of each of these parties decides on the policies, and the Leader of the party is the mouthpiece that shares them with the rest of Ontario.   In actuality,  the way these parties operate,  our government could be cut down to 3-4 individuals rather than 124, since 120 of them aren’t allowed to use their voice to represent you without dire repercussions.  The  money that’s used to pay the other 120 puppets could be returned to the taxpayer, or used to benefit the province and make it the thriving province it once was.

The Trillium Party believes in Grassroots, and they believe that you cannot run a province without the people’s input.  They care about ALL of Ontario.  They represent YOU, and they have a right to be represented at the Leaders’ Debates.  Visit the Trillium Party website at to read our Policies, Guidelines, and Platform, and help bring Democracy back to Government.

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The Trillium Party of Ontario is a registered Ontario Provincial political party. It has a sitting member at Queen’s Park, MPP Jack MacLaren, who is also