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Bradford Board Of Trade & Holland Marsh Growers host “Meet The Candidates” MAY 16th

BWG Candidates | Get Informed & Vote!

The Bradford Board Of Trade and Holland Marsh Growers Association are proud to host our Meet The Candidates event. Come out for an evening to meet your candidates in the upcoming provincial election for the riding of York-Simcoe. Discuss their platforms, hear their responses to publicly submitted questions & make your choice on election day: Thursday, June 7th, 2018.


The Bradford Board Of Trade and Holland Marsh Growers Association are proud to host our Meet The Candidates event. Come out for an evening to meet your candidates in the upcoming provincial election for the riding of York-Simcoe. Discuss their platforms, hear their responses to publicly submitted questions & make your choice on election day: Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

The PC and the Liberal candidate will also be in attendance.

Public Meeting To Be Held:
Wednesday, May 16th, 2018
Doors will open at 6pm, event to begin at 7pm.
Bradford & District Memorial Community Centre – Auditorium, 2nd Floor
125 Simcoe Road, Bradford, ON
Fully Accessible, Elevator available

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Maple Lake Protest Letter Campaign to Premier Wynne

Approximately 30 people were on hand Sunday, April 8 to mail letters to the Premier of Ontario in protest of the approved Maple Lake Estates development in the North Gwillimbury Forest.  The letter campaign was organized by Keswick resident, Nelson Mahmoudi, a high school student at Newmarket High School.

“This is a provincially significant weland that can’t be destroyed because of the interests of a development company,” Mr. Mahmoudi to the crowd.

“We cannot allow this to go through.  This is not the end of it, this is just the beginning of the Battle.”

The protest campaign was also attended by Trillium Party of Ontario candidate, David Loft.


If this approval / denial fiasco isn’t the ultimate in buck passing then I’d be hard pressed to find a better one.

The Maple Lakes development would produce only one winner and that’s the DG Group, who will rake in mega-millions.

On the flip side of the coin, the list of losers is extensive and the damage to Lake Simcoe could also prove to be a serious problem.

Equally, if not more important, is the removal of some 500 acres of protected woodland, the destruction of wildlife habitat and the list goes on and on.

This area is protected for a reason ! …

Can’t those who have the power to deny the application understand this ?

My guess is that they don’t want to ruffle the feathers of a very powerful organization, and are content to pass the decision onto the OMB.  Personally, I see no economic, cultural, or social benefit to this encroachment being allowed to proceed.

As an elected MPP for York Simcoe, I will vigorously oppose this project.

The following are copies of some correspondence to concerned citizens.

“I reached out this morning ( yesterday I suppose ) to find the DeGasperis file that I mentioned to you in our meeting, but regretfully it had been shredded a few years ago. I suspect that DG is attempting to have the previous commitment ” grandfathered ” whereby they would not have to abide by the newer controls. I believe that the counter argument, ( should anyone care to listen, ) should be that when the prior commitment was given, way back when, that the phosphorus levels of the lake would have been substantially lower than what they are now. Despite the reasonable growth in the ensuing time, said levels have increased substantially and are now to the point where controls and reductions are necessary.  All of which should serve as ample proof that even more encroachment will cause these levels to rise yet further.
In addition, I also checked out the phosphorus content of the fertilizers that are most common with today’s golf courses – that content has been reduced over the years but still remains at roughly 5 -9 % of the fertilizer componant. Essentially, if you build a golf course beside the lake, as proposed, you might just as well float a barge full of phosphorate and start to shovel it into the water. That makes no consideration for the weed killers that are banned for personal use but exempted for golf courses and other private enterprises such as sod farms. These will also find their way into the lake. Given that ” everyone ” not on DG’s payroll wants to see the phosphorus levels reduced to a level substantially below what exists at this moment, then a development of the 500 acre Maple Lakes Estate is guaranteed to create an everlasting damage that may be unrecoverable.
Equally, if not more important, is the damage that this will cause to the Chippewa Nation that uses Lake Simcoe as a source of food and drinking water. The studies that I’ve reviewed over the weekend indicate that phosphorous will kill the deeper cold water species such as lake trout, whitefish and any left over pickerel. This makes no consideration for the drinking water which is presently being boiled on Snake Island.”


“Thank you for fowarding your concerns regarding the Maple Lake Estate proposed development that borders Lake Simcoe and which calls for the destruction of roughly 500 acres + of prime woodland. This, of course, is not the only area of concern relating to woodland clearings, but certainly the most current and clearly the largest. I had the opportunity to review the Maple Lake issue with Jack Gibbons last Saturday and had previously reviewed much of the related correspondence prior to our meeting. I am forwarding my reply to Jack along with this response to your message.
Woodlands are ” dear ” to me – all of them ! …. I was born in Sudbury …I was a Boy Scout 🙂 …. my stepdaughter teaches wilderness survival in British Columbia …. I travel annually to Chapleau to go fishing … I studied under Robert Bateman who is Canada’s most renowned wildlife artist ….. I don’t know where Harvard is and I’ve never been to Rosedale.  In truth, I have a mounted speckled trout on my office wall instead of a painting that is worth as much as my car. …… But I’m one of those jerks who can’t be bought and am not shy to challenge the league’s largest defenceman for the puck in a corner.
Our woodlands, rivers, lakes — nature — is what each of us is all about – It’s where we ” started ” – isn’t it ? …. what’s better each Spring than walking through a forested area and seeing the trilliums and other wildflowers telling us that sunny days are on the way ?
Believe me when I say that if elected in York Simcoe, there will be no stronger voice than mine when it comes to protecting our shorelines, wooded areas, greenbelts and wildlife habitats.”


“Thank you for your e-mail regarding the DG / Maple Lakes application.
The DG Group ( DeGasperis ) is extremely powerful in established political circles and carry significant financial weight. They have substantial real estate holdings across the Province.
I really don’t have the answer as to why the application has not been denied but I would venture several guesses…. ( a ) No-one on the LSRCA wants trouble with DG and pushes the decision to the OMB … ( b ) .. DG has taken an ” end run ” around LSRCA and gone directly to the OMB where they have a heavy hand – DG may step away from something else in order to get approval for this application. A similar event occured in Newmarket 2 years ago where the strongly opposed redevelopment of Glenway Golf Course was ignored by the OMB. Presently there are houses, condominiums and who knows what all being crammed side by side as construction ” progresses. ”

In the event that the OMB were to deny the application, DG’s Maple Lakes land becomes worthless …… which is exactly why this should be negotiated now…. Forget the swap … DG would be dealing with worthless land if their application is denied … my suggestion would be to give them a substantial charitable deduction and have the land donated to LSRCA or whomever would cherish and preserve the property. In that way, DG could recover their cost and move on to another project elsewhere. The fact that the ” swap ” is a part of the equation simply gives DG a fall-back position and a reason not to cede their application.

The good thing about being affiliated with the Trillium Party is that I have no allegance to any busy Party Leader … to anyone except the citizens of York Simcoe !

If you need any clarifications or wish to discuss the matter further, then please don’t hesitate to call me at 289 – 763 – 4680″


“Thank you for seeking my stance regarding the DG application to demolish over 500 acres of prime ( and protected ) woodlands bordering Lake Simcoe.
I am steadfastly OPPOSED to the DG application — If this were allowed to continue there would be only one winner .. DG ! … mega- millions $$$$$ … they don’t give a rat’s derriere about anything else, least of all the concerns of the York Simcoe residents, the damage they would cause to the environment, the destroyed wildlife habitat and the opportunity for our children to enjoy a forested area without having to take a 3 hour drive.
The losers ? …. everyone else ! … those of us who use Lake Simcoe for commerce or pleasure, those who cherish wildlife habitat, those who want forested areas protected, and the list could go on and on.
The DG Group is powerful ! .. They have significant influence with the OMB and are proven to be major contributors to those ” elites ” seeking political office. Make no mistake – they cannot be underestimated as several of my business associates will painfully attest. Those politicians who claim that the end result will be an increased tax base are, in my view, missing the picture. The infrastructure costs alone would take generations to recover – there is no economic advantage to York Simcoe in having this project given the green light. Instead of dreaming up ways to increase revenues, maybe they might dream up ways to manage expenses.

Believe me when I tell you that if elected as your MPP ( vs Caroline Mulroney ) … this issue will be at the top of my priority list and, if necessary, I will be standing atop the desk of the new ( or old ) Premier of the Province in order to have this application either cancelled or rescinded – Said Premier will wish they had never heard my name – same with DG – that I guarantee you !”

Caroline Mulroney

I’ve never met Caroline, nor have I ever spoken to her.  She may  be a wonderful person, but is she familiar with, and can she relate to the normal Grassroot Ontarian?

  • Caroline was born into wealth with a famous last name.
  • She married into even more wealth.
  • I doubt that she needed a part time job to attend Harvard.
  • I’ll bet the farm, that her kids are attending private schools, which is perhaps why she is disconnected with the Ontario sex-ed program for the rest of the parents and kids in the Province.
  • She lives in Rosedale, and her second property in Sutton is worth millions.
  • She claims that excessive hydro rates are causing people to choose between buying hockey equipment, or going out to dinner. I suspect that the choices facing the vast majority of Ontario citizens may be a little more elementary.
  • She defers the Conservative nomination fiascos to Vic Fedeli rather than taking a stand for democracy.
  • She flip flops on the question of a carbon tax, so who knows where her real commitment is ?
  • She is handed the nomination for probably the most secure Conservative riding in Ontario.

I guess one could say that it’s been a pretty easy ride so far !

Will she spend her time fighting for the Thane clean-up … resisting the encroachments to Lake Simcoe and the Indigenous People … battling for better health care … opposing the sex education program devised by a convicted child pornographer … finding a solution to ludicrous hydro costs ? ….. will she speak up ? – speak loud ?  – speak on behalf of the rural community of York – Simcoe ?

 Here’s one guarantee !


Carbon Tax


Canada’s total carbon footprint ( 2016 ) was calculated at 1.54 % of the world total …. we ranked behind international shipping…… Ontario’s portion of the world total was somewhere in range of .45 – .65 % making us roughly equal to industrial ” giants ” such as Netherlands and Egypt. If we reduced Ontario’s carbon emissions to zero by shutting down the Province completely and returning it to the Indigenous Nations, the net effect wouldn’t change a thing in the big picture – especially with China at 29. A carbon tax in any form will not reduce our emissions… it will simply put a price on them ! … And business will then do what business always does and that is to increase the price of the finished product by the amount of the tax plus another 10 – 15 % ( spillage ) which in turn will be borne by the consumer.

What about going the other way ? … Using the carrot rather than the stick ? … what about offering tax or cash incentives to industry to reduce their carbon emissions to attainable levels ? … After all, it’s better than increasing everyone’s  daily cost of living.

The Conservative Party claims that their program is “ revenue neutral.” Several billion in, and the same several billion out in the form of tax relief = net zero … so it’s easy math… no carbon revenue and no additional tax relief, so then there’s nothing that needs to be found … Or maybe – just maybe … there was no tax relief at all – or maybe something substantially less than promised. Or maybe – just maybe, the cash is meant to be spent elsewhere and the   “ revenue neutral “ claim is just smoke and mirrors.. go figure !

Thane Smelter Cleanup


The Thane Smelter closed its doors in 1997 after depositing toxic and damaging chemicals and by-products for 23 years into the Georgina ecosystem.

Its location, only 650 metres from the Maskinonge River, provides all these chemicals and by-products with an eventual waterway into Lake Simcoe. It’s not a question of IF, but rather WHEN !

According to an environmental assessment undertaken by the Ministry of the Environment some 10 years ago, the pollutants we can expect to arrive in Lake Simcoe will contain arsenic, chromium, iron, lead, silver vanadium, zinc, phosphorus, phenols and a large quantity of salt.

It’s been 21 years since the smelter closed and other than some cosmetic surface grading, the Province has done nothing to resolve the problem.

A clean-up order by the MOE in 2002 against the bankrupt previous owner went nowhere and was eventually withdrawn.

Numerous outraged citizens have voiced their concerns, committees formed and lawsuits initiated, but despite the hue and cry from every angle, the site remains contaminated.

The Liberal Party simply ignored the citizens of York Simcoe.

In October 2014 the City of Barrie, along with 18 other Towns and Regional governments, called upon Patrick Brown, then MP in Barrie, to take action and help with the Thane Smelter clean-up.

The Conservative Party also ignored this call for action.



I guarantee that I will be the most vocal representative that York Simcoe has ever had in the Provincial Legislature in fighting to have the Thane Smelter site cleaned up at the cost of the Province.

I will not shut my mouth just because the issue is not on the agenda of any Party leader as has proven to be the case.

I’m asking you to try something new.. ENERGIZE YOUR BALLOT !

…… and trust me to make your voice heard loud and clear !


Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum


Kathleen Wynne introduced the Province of Ontario to her version of a sex education curriculum that commences in Grade 1 .. yes … that’s Grade 1 -…with emphasis on genitalia. At the time, Kathleen was the Education Minister in the Dalton McGuinty government back in 2010 and Ben Levine was the Deputy Minister of Education.

The Ontario Liberals would have us believe that Ben Levine had no input into the sex –ed program although Ben himself says otherwise.

The program was allegedly revised in 2015 but a careful scrutiny reveals that it remained virtually word for word.

Following his arrest in 2013 Ben Levine ultimately pled guilty “to three of the seven charges, namely one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counselling a sexual assault.” — Wikipedia

In addition, “Levin also informed undercover officers (who were impersonating mothers of young girls) that he and his wife had been sexually active with their daughters.” – Wikipedia

…… Let’s see now….. we have a pervert who is convicted of making written child pornography, having admitted to incest and, in his own words, has crafted the Ontario Sex-Ed program …..

What can possibly go wrong ?

This program, along with so many others, has simply been shoved down the throats of Ontario citizens.


“ As many as one in six Ontario parents remains so unhappy with the province’s new sex education curriculum that they have either pulled their children from class or have considered it, a new poll shows.” … National Post – June 3, 2016


 “ In a continued trend of changing his mind, Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown has now promised that if elected, he won’t be overturning Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recent changes to Ontario’s sexual-education curriculum.” … Globe and Mail – March 24, 2017




The Trillium Party agrees that sex education should be taught in schools but we think that Grade 1 is far too early. We will argue strongly for revisions to the current program with both teacher and parental input.

Why are so many parents rebelling at this program ? … The answer is simple – they weren’t consulted, they weren’t considered and their voices were neither heard nor were they respected.

Personally I have a grandson who will soon be entering Grade 1. Presently he shuffles along on his single blade skates with his friends at a local rink. I think that I’d like him to learn how to shoot a puck, throw a football and ride a bike before he is subjected to the world of  “ menstruation and spermatogenesis.”


In the most humble way possible, I’m asking for your help – I’m asking for you to energize your ballot and turn it into a loud and clear statement by trusting me with your vote on June 7th.

Mercury Poisoning

To the Chippewa Nation of Georgina Island


To all residents of York Simcoe who rely upon Lake Simcoe for pleasure and commerce,

The Provincial Government (s) and the history of Grassy Narrows


In the case of mercury poisoning, as has happened at Grassy Narrows,  the procedure lasts years and is anything but painless. In fact it is tortuous !

Mercury, is a potent neurotoxin, and has sickened generations who consider walleye a dietary staple. Physical symptoms of mercury poisoning include loss of muscle co-ordination and tunnel vision. Fetuses are particularly vulnerable to cognitive damage. The younger generation at Grassy Narrows continue to have symptoms of mercury poisoning.

The severe effects include paralysis, coma and death.

A Japanese scientist, Dr. Harada and first tested community members of Grassy Narrows in 1975. He found people with mercury levels more than three times the Health Canada limit in Grassy Narrows and seven times the limit in nearby Whitedog. When Harada returned after 20 years, all of the people who had tested over the limit were dead.

Grassy Narrows Chief Simon Fobister said: “For decades I have been seeking justice for my people for mercury poisoning, searching for answers, searching for help. Never once was I told that mercury poison is still under the mill, right next to our river. I was told over and over that the mill site was cleaned up and that the problem ended in the ’70s. I now see that was a deception and my people have paid the price with their health.”

Since the problem of mercury poisoning was discovered in the late 60’s, the Province of Ontario has been governed by the following Premiers …

  • John Robarts
  • Bill Davis
  • Frank Miller
  • David Peterson
  • Bob Rae
  • Mike Harris
  • Ernie Eaves
  • Dalton McGuinty
  • Kathleen Wynne.

And over these past 47 years what has happened to protect and serve the plight of Indigenous People when and where it seemed to matter most ?

What have the affected received ?

Well …. Indigenous People have received promise after promise, delays ad nauseum, the odd meaningless handout here and there, falsehoods galore, another government study now and then, — but absolutely nothing to correct the injustice and return the lands to their original state.

A payment of $ 16.7 million was made in 1986 … 32 years ago … and the governments then washed their hands of the issue.

But the mercury poisoning remains to this day and the First Nation members continued to suffer and die over these additional generations.

The recent announcement that $ 85 million is being set aside to clean up the mess is a typical government announcement with an election on the horizon. …. Too little – too late…..and who knows if it will actually get done in a reasonable time frame.

Compare this financial commitment to the $ 41 million, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars ( $ 41,750,000.00 ) that the Federal Liberals have given to:

Abdullah Almalki,

Ahmad El Maati,

Muayyed Nureddin

and Omar Khadr.

Sitting governments of every stripe and color have dodged and evaded the Grassy Narrows / Indigenous issue for half a century. They’ve been able to do this because no-one in the Provincial Legislature had the nerve to shout out on behalf of the effected. Those muted elected officials simply played “ Follow the Leader “ to keep their political careers.

And when the newly proposed Keswick waste treatment plant egests it’s 40 million litres of alleged “ high purity reclaimed water “ into Cook’s Bay and Lake Simcoe,…. EVERY DAY…

 Will the whole process start all over again ?

 There is a significant difference in having me – David Loft – as your elected representative when compared to any other candidate.


An elected candidate from any existing party is compelled to vote in the manner that the Party leader dictates. This candidate can only follow the wishes of said Party leader. To voice an opinion contrary to the whims of the leader is political suicide. Such an elected candidate, if in power, is virtually helpless other than to have the ear of the Party leader on occasion. He or she cannot criticize nor embarrass the sitting government into action nor bring media attention to the failings of any particular issue. You are at the mercy of the Party leader.

This issue is also easy for any political leader to avoid for the simple reason that there were 9 leaders before him upon which to transfer the blame.


I have absolutely nothing to gain by avoiding the issue ! … no Party favours, no plum appointments, and no wrath from a Party leader. I can criticize, ask embarrassing questions, draw constant media attention to the issue at hand and, every day, every single day, I can demand action.


 As your elected MPP, I promise you that I will energize your ballot !