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JACK MACLAREN – Trillium Party MPP has Stood Alone without a Party Whip

Don’t you want to go to the Polls, knowing that you are electing a person who is mandated by his/her Party Constitution that they MUST speak and vote on the behalf of that person’s constituents?

Since crossing the floor and joining the Trillium Party of Ontario, Jack MacLaren says he can finally feel proud of himself and say that he DOES represent his riding.  Jack has been able to vote according to what’s best for his constituents ever since that grand walk in May of 2017.

Here is a list of Bills where Jack Voted Alone….Not ONE other person in the legislature….Not ONE person that you elected, agreed independently with Jack’s position on these Bills, which is astounding.

In Jack’s own words:
  1.  Bill 89   Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act — this Bill would concern children who are confused about their gender ie. a boy thinks he is a girl.  It would allow the CAS to remove children from a family if the parent was too foreceful in giving direction to the child about gender identity.  The PC Caucus changed from supporting the Bill, to being against the Bill after four MPPs refused to be whipped into supporting.  I voted NO.

2.  Bill 163   Bubble Bill.  This bill created a 50m no-go zone around abortion clinics to supposedly stop harassment.  I support freedom of speech.  This Bill was going to remove freedom of speech.  I voted NO, alone.

3.  Bill 178   College Teachers Back to Work. –I believe the Liberals planned to allow or create this strike so they could look like heroes for ending the strike.  It was vote buying.  I voted NO with the NDP.

4.  Bill 174 the Cannabis Retail Corporation Act.  This Bill created a large monolithic bureaucratic government agency to sell cannabis.  I support selling cannabis through small retail business outlets.  These retail outlets already exist across Canada.  I voted NO. Alone.

5.  Bill 139   Ends the O.M.B., gives More Power to the Conservation Authorities.  This Bill removes the OMB, which is an effective independent land use planning appeal body.  The Conservation Authorities will now have even more power and authority over private property.  I voted NO.  Alone.

6.  Bill 175   Amendments to the Police Services Act.  This Bill provides much needed and much improved oversight and accountability.  I voted YES with the Liberals on 2nd Reading.  All Opposition MPPs voted NO.

7.  Private Members Bill.  Support Veterans Bill.  This will recognize Veterans by putting the word “Veteran” highlighted in bright yellow on the veteran’s drivers license.  Veterans fought for our freedom.  It passed 2nd Reading.

8.  Private Members Bill. Affordable Hydro Act.  This will make ten changes that will reduce the cost of electricity in Ontario.  It passed 2nd Reading


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Trillium TalkTV episode 4 with Jack MacLaren MPP


Join us Tuesday April 3rd at 6:30p EST for Ep.4 of #TrilliumTalkTV | This week we have Special Guest Host #TrilliumParty Kanata-Carleton MPP Jack MacLaren on the show discussing his time in #onpoli…

Join us Tuesday April 3rd at 6:30p EST for Ep.4 of#TrilliumTalkTV | This week we have Special Guest Host #TrilliumParty Kanata-Carleton MPP Jack MacLaren on the show discussing his time in #onpoliand answering your Questions LIVE HERE –

Casino Royale Fundraiser

Janet and I attended the Casino Royale fundraiser in Kanata tonight.


The Ottawa Senators Foundation believes that investing in programs and initiatives that promote both physical and mental wellness in our kids is a critical priority. They are committed to ensuring that kids are given the opportunity to be active, engaged and feel good about themselves.

Fitzroy Harbour Town Hall APRIL 4th

Fitzroy Harbour Town Hall | Jack Maclaren MPP

Join Jack at his Fitzroy Harbour Town Hall this Wednesday April 4th, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre at 100 Clifford Campbell St. Jack will update the community on what he has been doing at Queen’s Park and what he wants to see from the remainder of the session, there will then be a Q&A period.