CityNews Undemocratic Provincial Leaders’ Debate Rally


CityNews made it perfectly clear that they are the Gatekeepers of who the public will be allowed to choose as their Premier in the next election.

The mainstream media virtually controls all the information that the public hears and sees, and when a democratic election is called, and the media consciously and deliberately selects which parties they will broadcast and promote, it is the equivalent of playing “God”, and is a public manipulation to input their own party favourite.
Despite having an elected MPP in Queen’s Park and being acknowledged in the Legislature as the Fourth Party, CityTV, not only refused Bob Yaciuk to participate in the Leaders’ Debate, but they also refused him admittance into the building.  The Guard was at the gate, with security backing her up.  The windows were covered.  The PC paid-for actors were there.   And…..BOB was there.  Bob was there with a dozen Trillium Party candidates along with their “unpaid” supporters!
Not having the big government funding of the 3 Big Parties, it was refreshing to see supporters still come out to the Rally with their grassroots, home-made signs, to show people that you don’t need big money to know what’s best for their province.  Being spurned and blocked by the mainstream media in general, it was nice that Global News stopped on their way into the building to give Bob a short interview.  Rebel Media was also there, and allowed Bob to speak without censorship.  There is no politician that shows more passion than Bob Yaciuk when it comes to making Ontario a better place to live.