Come out to Support Bob Yaciuk and Jack MacLaren on Thursday, February 22nd at Queen’s Park

We encourage you to come out to Queen’s Park on Thursday, February 22nd to support Trillium Party of Ontario Leader, Bob Yaciuk, and MPP Jack MacLaren, as Jack introduces his Private Member’s Bill  – Affordable Electricity Act

See Schedule below

The Affordable Electricity Act will ensure that the cost of electricity will be driven by the needs of the people, and not by the dealmakers in the back-room political parties

Summary of Jack MacLaren’s Affordable Energy Act.

See the PMB here: Affordable Electricity Act 2018-1

Jack MacLaren’s Affordable Energy Act aims to ensure that families and businesses in Ontario have access to electricity at an affordable price.

It will cause electricity prices to be driven by the needs of the people, the families, the businesses and the economy of Ontario, and not by the political ideologies and the clever tacticians and dealmakers who control the back rooms of the political parties.

The Affordable Electricity Act will serve the citizens of Ontario by making electricity prices as low as they can be. It will bring an end, as quickly as possible, to the government-imposed policies and programs that have added several billions of dollars every year to the electricity bills of the citizens of the Province.

· It puts priority on generating electricity from the inexpensive, reliable and cost effective hydro and nuclear power plants that the public already owns.

· It brings an end to policies, programs and contracts that force consumers to subsidize foreign-sourced electrical technologies that are unreliable and ridiculously expensive.

· It demands full transparency in the process by which electricity prices are set.

· It allows customers to buy electricity from suppliers who sell it at the lowest price.

· It lets customers buy electricity when the price is the lowest – and always at the lowest price that Ontario’s electricity is being sold to customers in other provinces or in the U.S.A.

This Bill will put electricity planning and pricing on a solid footing. It will bring an end to the technological gambles, the hidden arrangements, the deferred payments and the clever political spin that has done so much damage to citizens and businesses in Ontario.

This Bill will ensure that electricity planning is founded on the needs of the people of Ontario. It will support economic growth, enhance the competitiveness of Ontario’s businesses and keep jobs in the Province. It will ensure that Ontario’s families and businesses can buy electricity at the lowest possible cost over the long term.

In short, the Affordable Energy Act aims to start the adult conversation about electricity that the citizens of Ontario have desperately needed for more than 15 years – a conversation will lead to the adoption of an electricity policy that works for the citizens and of Ontario and for their future.


Guests are welcome to participate in the following activities:    We would appreciate it if you would let us know that you will be attending so that we can put your name on the list for no-hassle access.  Jack’s office is Room 325, phone no. 416 314 7900. Guests can go to Jack’s office to meet after they are registered.

10:30a.m. – 11:45a.m. -Question Period (Trillium Party members and candidates can get “members passes” from Jack’s office to sit in the “members west gallery.)
General seating in the east Public Gallery.
1:15p.m. – Media Studio event  (appx 20 minutes)
Then back into the House to watch the debate.
3:00p.m. – Debate of the Private Member’s Bill
4:30p.m. – Voting