Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax Schemes:

 The Trillium Party believes that whether it is called “Cap and Trade” or “Revenue Neutral BC modeled” programs, a carbon tax WILL NOT BE ENDORSED by the Trillium Party of Ontario. PERIOD!

​Ontario has, prior to the 1970 – 80’s, always been the industrial employment powerhouse of Canada.  Any programs which punish manufacturing companies, business or farming, because they are being successful and providing jobs for Ontarians, is the one thing that can actually bring Ontario to its economic knees. We need jobs more than anything else – high paying, skilled trade, labour and support jobs.

This DOES NOT mean that we are not conscientious about our environment. In fact, the opposite is true. Like so many other areas in our government there are laws in place regarding emission standards and regulations. These standards simply must be enforced affecting only those that cross the line.  The idea that there are industries that will be exempt, as chosen by the government in office, is creating an environment of winners and losers – this is not government’s job.

    • We will look to join other provinces to challenge the Federal Government’s implementation of a Carbon Tax
    • We will refuse to collect, on behalf of the Federal Government, their Carbon Tax
    • We will seek all avenues to disallow any form of Carbon Tax.

ºA tax on carbon whether it’s called a cap and trade or simply a straight up tax. Is effectively punishing successful manufacturers, entrepreneurs and outside investors. If a business has to choose to start a business or move a business to an environment that will help to get a return on investment, Ontario is effectively saying “Please go somewhere else”

ºIt’s simply an artificial construct created by a desperate money hungry government that is playing on the fears of average citizens. The fact of the matter is this. Ontario contributes less than .75% of all the CO2 emissions in the world and in the almost impossible, unlikely event we lower our emissions by 20% (effectively putting Ontario out of business) we will have lowered our CO2 footprint down to .6%…. THE WORLD WILL NOT NOTICE…and Ontario will have the highest unemployment rates in history.

Candidate Statements

“The Carbon Tax is first and foremost a “job Killer” It will be the final nail in Ontario’s manufacturing Industries coffin.” 

“A carbon tax” in any form Cap and trade or otherwise, is Ontario’s way of saying GOING OUT OF BUSINESS… TAKE YOUR JOBS SOME PLACE ELSE”

“This Cap and Trade deal as proposed by the Liberals is barely this side of a Ponzie scheme trading magic trading dust for permission to build product”

“The TRILLIUM PARTY” is the only party that says it will not allow any carbon tax scheme to be deployed in Ontario…Period” People need jobs for their families and their future”

Opposition remarks:

 Accusation:  The Trillium party is willing to sacrifice the future of our children by helping to destroy our environment Shame on them

Retort: The Trillium Party of Ontario is the only party in provincial Parliament who are trying to ensure that your children will be able to stay in Ontario;  will have a home, and a chance of having a prosperous future for their family.

 Accusation: The Trillium Party seems to be a “climate change denier” the fact of the matter is this Climate change is real and it is harming this province and burying your head in the sand doesn’t change that fact.

Retort: The real fact is this– Considering the global industrial market, Ontario has little, if any, affect on the world climate. Your government is simply using climate change as a blunt instrument of fear mongering to beat every possible cent out of an already struggling population.   

Blogs from Trillium Party

(Elizabeth Marshall) So Justin Trudeau, and his government, have stated that if the provinces do not implement a carbon tax his government will force the provinces to do so.   

This is quite the statement because it would seem that the federal government cannot tell any province to implement any tax – nor can it tell a province that a province must administer any federal tax.

So question – if the federal government cannot tell a province to implement a tax, and if the federal government cannot force a province to administer a tax – how does he propose to do this, other than hiring on staff to collect said tax? 

Then there is the issue, in the constitution, of section 92A.  This section states that it is the provinces that are to have control over their non-renewable resources.  The only control the federal government has, regarding provincial non-renewable resources it would seem, is under section 92A (2) stating that the federal government’s statutes can determine that the provinces cannot engage in discriminatory pricing or discriminatory supply management. 

But then there is section 92A (4) and (5).  This is where the provinces have control over the taxation of non-renewable resources in their province.  It states that in each province the legislature may make laws to raise money through taxes on non-renewable natural resources and the primary production of said resources.  Subsection (5) brings in what is included in “primary production.”  Primary production includes “refining crude oil, refining upgraded heavy crude oil, refining gases or liquids derived from coal or refining a synthetic equivalent of crude oil – that is in the form in which it exists upon its recovery or severance from its natural state.” 

So does the federal government really have the authority to “force the provinces” to implement a carbon tax?  It’s doubtful.

That is why the Trillium Party of Ontario will seek out the other provinces, that do not want this tax, to stop the implementation of an unconstitutional action by the federal government when it attempts to implement this carbon tax.

The people of Ontario and Canada deserve better.  The Trillium Party of Ontario! 

(Elizabeth Marshall) For decades Ontarians have been condemned to guilt about the climate.  We’ve been told that humans are to blame for extreme weather, harm to the biosphere, that there is global warming, the ice-pack is melting, etc., etc., etc.  We’ve also been told if you don’t believe in man-made global warming and/or man-made climate change you are ignorant and a “denier.”  SERIOUSLY!  So let’s look at some facts. 

In 2012 until present day there have been a number of articles produced that prove that man is not the main contributor to climate change – and that climate is always changing.  It has been for eons…there is no denying there is climate change – the Earth does that…but the science that has been used to bankrupt countries and supportive of “carbon taxes” is flawed.  All one has to do is look at the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to realize this.

The IPCC came out, quite a few years ago with what climate-fear-mongers call the “hockey-stick graph.”  Scientist after scientist have discounted this graph on a number of occasions because this graph did not include the Medieval Warming Period or the Little Ice Age.  Question – how can world governments (i) have faith in any of the science from the IPCC, based on this revelation and (ii) support that (a) man is the cause of weather extremes/global warming/ climate change, (b) and we should be paying a tax on carbon to stop something we have very little or nothing to do with it? 

Then there has been article after article written about global warming and climate change…and it just doesn’t seem to get into main-stream media.  For instance, in 2012 Forbes had an article which stated:

“Are we humans causing the warming by our carbon emissions? Actually, most of the “greenhouse effect” is due to water vapor, which makes one wonder why the EPA hasn’t designated H2O a harmful pollutant that they must regulate. Meteorologist Brian Sussman’s calculations in his book

“Climategate” show humanity’s share of the greenhouse effect as .9 of 1 percent.

It’s even possible that CO2 may not affect global warming at all. During many stretches of planetary history, there has been no correlation between the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and global temperature. In other long stretches, the variations of the two factors followed a significant sequence: increases in CO2 followed increases in warmth by several centuries. You don’t need to have a degree in climate science to know that, in a temporal universe, cause does not follow its effect.

Even global warming alarmists have tacitly conceded that CO2 is not the primary driver of climate change when they responded to the relative cooling in recent years by changing their story and telling us that the earth is likely to cool for a few decades in spite of still-increasing atmospheric CO2. Translation: other factors outweigh CO2 in their impact on global temperatures. Those other factors include variations in solar activity (accounting for 3/4 of the variability in earth’s temperature according to the Marshall Institute); changes in earth’s orbit and axis; albedo (reflectivity, meaning changes in cloud cover which are influenced by fluctuations in gamma ray activity); and volcanic and tectonic activity in the earth’s crust. For humans to presume that they are more than a gnat on an elephant’s rump in terms of impact on climate change is vain and delusive.”

So why is government harming the world’s population through taxation of something that isn’t even on the scale of impact regarding climate change and/or global warming?  Governments, worldwide, have mismanaged things so badly they need another source of revenue and to justify it they came up with something that we cannot see, feel, taste, sense or respond to.  If you don’t believe this…just ask a geologist about the history of the world – and if he/she is honest they will tell you the Earth’s climate is always in flux and there isn’t a darn thing man – no matter what his/her God complex is like – can change it.  Pollution, on the other hand is an entirely different topic, and it does need to be dealt with. 

The Trillium Party of Ontario supports that pollution needs to be regulated but as for climate change and/or global warming – this is not something that is supported by science and is not something government should be taxing for – therefore the Trillium Party of Ontario will not support, implement and will stand against any and all Carbon Taxes!

Patrick Browns GNU Policy

(Elizabeth Marshall)

The Progressive Conservatives (PCs) continue to shoot themselves in the foot.  Can you imagine that Patrick Brown (Leader) has told the Members of the PC Party (and this would include the MPPs being “whipped”) that there will be NO social conservative policies allowed!?! 

According to Allison Jones of the Globe and Mail – Patrick Brown states:

“social conservative issues will be off limits at his party’s much anticipated policy convention.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but this includes the Carbon Tax!!!  That is one of the main issues that gained him the Leadership – that there would be NO CARBON TAX when he became leader…He makes promises just like the Liberals and the NDP and then as soon as he gets his pragmatic way – forgets those promises…just like any little boy who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “promise.”

Is this what Ontarians want???  A little boy who makes promises and then out of nowhere violates the trust people had put in him???

And what about all of those PC MPPs?  How do they reconcile with their constituents?  Firstly, they say “trust me – there will be no Carbon Tax,” and now they have to attempt to look you in the eye and say…”well the leader says we have to implement a carbon tax…the Liberals and the NDP are…so we have to…”  Now you know why there is one party in Queen’s Park – the New-Demo-Progressive-CON-Liberal Party.

The Trillium Party will push forward with our policy that there will be NO CARBON TAX and we will not endorse a carbon tax.  We will join with the other provinces that oppose this egregious tax and challenge it – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…we are taxed into the poor house because of government mismanagement…

In 2018 demand Something Different and Something Way Better – the Trillium Party of Ontario.  We understand that any policy must come from the people because it is the people who must live and pay for that policy…including those who are candidates of the Trillium Party…