The Trillium Party believes that education up to secondary education is a “right” to be enjoyed by all citizens in Ontario. We also believe every student should be supplied with all the educational tools (books, notebooks, writing instruments, computers etc) required to participate and excel in graduating to grade twelve.

​The Trillium Party of Ontario believes a much more generous scholarship program should be implemented. A program that involves a sliding scale of awards that directly reflects a student’s learning abilities and individual efforts.

Eliminate the policy of social promotion in Ontario’s schools. Students will be expected to meet standards in order to be promoted to the next grade.

Initiate a more streamlined approach to acquiring a trade or a hands-on profession.  The Trillium Party believes that with a new approach young people could be “up and running” as contributing fully qualified tradesmen by their 21st birthday.

The Trillium Party of Ontario does not believe the Ontario Educational system or its employees should be considered “co-parents” of children in school. We believe one of the most valuable privileges and responsibilities a parent has is to instill a moral code that reflects their values and ideals. As always Respect, Courtesy and Responsibility are an ideal foundation to work from.