Health Care

The Trillium Party believes the World’s finest Healthcare should be available to every one of its Ontario citizens.

This can be accomplished by having more acceptance of foreign medical credentials.

The Trillium Party suggests that we create an “equivalency” scale for foreign credentials. Followed by a residency program that is completed IN ONTARIO, rather than the United States to upgrade to a Canadian equivalent status.

We also believe an electronic “Healthcare Statement” should be issued monthly, indicating what was paid on their behalf by the taxpayers to each of the individuals that month for healthcare. The statement will offer some alternatives that could have been utilized, such as walk in clinics or family physicians, rather than, for example, using a hospital.

The Trillium Party of Ontario has an ardent belief that the vast proportion of citizens of Ontario are responsible and will make better choices given accurate information. The Trillium Party believes that there should be a tax benefit for active health club and sports club memberships.

The Trillium Party believes that naturopathic medicine should be further explored with the view of incorporating tried and true techniques into our health care system.