Hydro Rates

Ontario produces excess hydro to the point of having to pay our American neighbours to take it away for us. All the while, our rates are being increased.

This is a business paradigm that simply doesn’t make sense!

This has been caused in a large part because of the extremely poor (at least for the taxpayers) business contracts made regarding the wind generation program.

In approximate numbers, Water generated hydro costs 2.5 cents per kw/hr, Nuclear energy costs 4.5 cents per kw/hr, and and wind power costs approximately 5 times more than these. Top that off with the Province that has made a “sweetheart” deal to pay even if we don’t use the power, that’s 24/7 paying for something that we don’t even use. Check it out next time you pass a wind farm and see all the turbines that are not turning…You are still paying.

These sweetheart deals have to be re-evaluated and renegotiated with the taxpayers’ best interest in mind. Our homes need less expensive power and our manufacturers need cheap energy to keep jobs in Ontario.

The Trillium Party of Ontario has a comprehensive plan for challenging these sweetheart deals and getting Ontario back to the least expensive Hyrdro in North America. We deserve BETTER!