Trillium Party of Ontario understands that the Liberal Party of Canada has made legislation that forces Ontario to accept the legalisation of marijuana.

The Trillium Party believes that it is the utmost importance to protect society, in particular the most vulnerable group – our children—from the negative effects of this drug.   It is for this reason that we feel that extraordinary strict regulations should be enforced.

To that end, the Trillium Party believes it is imperative to explore the sale of marijuana through private retailers who will feel the severe impact and repercussions of violating any of these strict regulations.

The Trillium Party is not inclined to accept the idea of an “LCBO” or a “Shoppers Drug Mart” distribution system. We would suggest that with an issue as important as this, we would like to initiate a two year pilot project where both methods could be implemented, observed and scrutinized to determine the safest and best way to proceed.

The Trillium Party of Ontario, above all else, wants to ensure that the wholesale distribution of marijuana does not give opportunity for more criminal activity.