The Trillium Party believes:

The discussion regarding whether marijuana should be legal or not is over. Now the only question is what is the most appropriate way to have it sold in Ontario.

Safety in our communities is paramount, and for this reason we believe there should be strict guidelines in place regarding locations, age requirements and security.

The Trillium Party believes the safest way to accomplish all these goals is to have the private sector be responsible for the sale of legal marijuana. Unlike the suggested method of distribution in an LCBO type of store front. We believe that smaller distributors will heed penalties for rule infractions many times over the LCBO model.  After all, have you ever heard of an LCBO losing it’s licence for selling to a minor.

Candidate statements:

“Private sector business should run the business of selling legal products in Ontario. Time and again the private sector has proven it has the ability to out perform the government.”


“The Trillium Party believes that “The WAR ON BUSINESS must end”.


“A monopoly style of business never has the best interest of the consumer.”


“Hiring 1000’s of new government workers, building 100’s of new buildings all at taxpayer expense, especially when the infrastructure is already there, is a horrible business plan that does not benefit the taxpayer.”


“Creating another unionized work force that must be fed is wrong. There is no way this can benefit the average citizen.”


“The LCBO model has created some of the most expensive and limited product in North America. There is no reason to expect that to be any different when it comes to the sale of Marijuana. And that will mean that organized and unorganized crime will surely flourish.”

Opposition remarks:


Accusation:  The LCBO model is a proven success that makes millions of dollars in revenue for the Tax payer. And we at least don’t want to take any chances with the safety of our communities.


Response: “It’s only making money because it sends out men with guns to stop anyone else from competing with them. It is impossible not to be a success in a monopoly environment.  The only people that suffer are the people. Let private sector show you what success is all about.


Accusation: “You expect the government to allow current persons who are currently selling marijuana illegally, to be allowed to be rewarded, and be able to sell it legally… not on my watch.


Response:  I would be careful, Mr. Candidate, and beware of throwing stones in glass houses. I’m sure you still expect the voter to reward either the Liberals or the Conservatives next election.