Other Policies

The Trillium Party would institute a wastebuster program where any Ontarian, but especially public sector workers, would be encouraged to advise government of where tax dollars are being misspent.

Often it is front-line workers who not only know the system best, but are the ones most frustrated by mismanagement and waste. This website and hotline would serve as a means of empowering these workers to identify wasteful spending, redundant programs, and unnecessary projects and consultants, anonymously. It is imperative that tips provided under this program be protected by Whistleblower legislation so government employees are protected, rather than the governing party.​

Currently, the auditor general’s office spends too much of its resources reviewing reports and updates provided by government departments and agencies to ensure accounting accuracy, rather than performing more important value-for-money audits and seeking out fraud. Increase resources to the auditor general’s office and focus on value for money audits.

The Trillium Party believes a reward incentive should be applied that is based on a percentage of saved monies upon implementation of a suggested program by any citizen of Ontario.