Sex Ed Curriculum

The Trillium Party of Ontario does not endorse the current Sex Ed curriculum whose principal architect and former Deputy Education Minister, Benjamin Levin, is a now convicted child sex offender.  The Program was initiated by Liberal Leader, Dalton McGuinty, stopped by Dalton McGuinty, reintroduced by Liberal Leader, Kathleen Wynne, opposed by PC Leader, Patrick Brown, endorsed by Patrick Brown, then endorsed by the entire PC Caucus as well as the entire Liberal Caucus.

​The Trillium Party believes that there needs to be a review of the curriculum with genuine input from all Parents. We believe that the curriculum should in large part be based in hard health science and should not be used as a tool for social engineering.

It is the responsibility of Parents and immediate family to guide the moral direction of their children. The Government under the guise of Teachers should not be considered co-parents!