Taxation, Licences & the Consolidated Revenue Fund

The Trillium Party believes:

    • All taxes collected with a specific duty is to be dedicated to that specific topic – example, gas tax is for road construction, maintenance and (in the urban areas) public transit, therefore it must be dedicated to that department. This must be dispersed based on kilometer and not population so that the rural communities have the financial ability to fund for transportation infrastructure.
    • All fines, penalties, revenues, and royalties shall be put into the Consolidates Revenue Fund for the support of the Public Services provided by government.
    • Property taxes shall be reserved for municipalities, school support and social services that are provided by municipalities.
  • Gas taxes shall be reserved for transportation infrastructure and public transit based on kilometer of roads established or needed.

    Candidate statements:

“We must put an end to the perception, that may indeed be the reality, that our Government is simply collecting all our money and placing it into a slush fund which can be spent on whatever enters their poll driven heart that day.”

 “Directing where specific duty taxes are spent is a good start for curtailing wasteful spending. If it was a gas tax, then it should be spent on infrastructure. PERIOD”

 Opposition remarks:

Accusation:  We don’t believe the Trillium Party’s idea of handcuffing the government in setting priorities that benefit this province is any way acceptable.

Response:  Interesting that that you should mention the word “handcuff”. IO would suggest that the only reason this suggestion is necessary is because a trust was broken and that more direct control over spending has to be taken.