Ontario Onion Farmer Explains how the Carbon Tax Will Affect the Agricultural Industry

 Jack MacLaren, Boris Horodynsky, Bob Yaciuk - NO Carbon Tax - Rural Ontarians affected significantly
Boris Horodynsky takes Bob and Jack on a tour of his onion farm to explain how a Carbon Tax will detrimentally affect his livelihood L-R: Jack MacLaren, Boris Horodynsky, Bob Yaciuk

The Carbon Tax is harming rural Ontario, — farmers, in particular. One of these farmers that will be significantly affected by this Carbon Tax, is Boris Horodynsky.

Today, Boris took Bob Yaciuk and Jack MacLaren on a tour of his farm, while explaining the difficulties and added costs with running his business due to a Carbon Tax.

Horodynsky Farms have been producing onions for almost forty years and built a reputation as being one of the nation’s premier suppliers of onions. From very humble beginnings, the business has developed to over 3 locations and 600 acres under the control of Boris Horodynsky who still plays the primary active role in the running of all aspects of the business.

Today, over 90700 metric tonnes of Grade A onions are grown, packed and shipped from Horodynsky Farms every year to supply wholesalers and the chain supermarkets.

The Trillium Party of Ontario vows to end the Carbon Tax.  We always have, and always will.

Onion Farmer Boris Horodynsky OLA
Trillium Party supports the Ontario Land Owners and vows to end the Carbon Tax L-R: Jack MacLaren, Bob Yaciuk, and Boris Horodynsky

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