Patrick Brown Resigns – Trillium Party Popularity Continues to Rise

Press Release January 25, 2018

Trillium Party concerned about damaged political world in Ontario

We’ve had some news today that is really shaking up Politics in Ontario.

The Trillium Party of Ontario is concerned that we are having ANOTHER view into what is a very damaged political world in Ontario.

“The Trillium Party started because we wanted to bring a sense of fairness, civility, decency, freedom, democracy, and true representation to Ontario politics.  We have done that through our current slate of candidates, as well as through the actions and voting record of our sitting MPP, Jack MacLaren.

The Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives will continue their journey that, to date, seems to have worked for them. However, with a less than a 50% voter turnout, I suggest the seeds they have sown may be coming back to haunt them.

Our current path is one that is working. The people of Ontario are responding well to our message and we truly look forward to election day when the people of Ontario will have an option to vote for a Party that cares more about the citizens, than they do about the Party.

I cannot emphasize enough that nothing has changed in the PC’s because of this.  The PC backroom hacks and bullies are still there. Their policies CANNOT change without them publicly dismissing their most recent, alleged, comprehensive grassroots policy meeting. Nothing has, or will change with “These guys” or the “Other guys”.  Real change must come from the outside and we are truly the catalyst to make that change a reality” states Mr. Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party

The Trillium Party is growing quickly with a staggering 600 members from one riding alone (King – Vaughan) switching from PC to Trillium, immediately followed by 24 of their 29 member directorship forming the King – Vaughan Riding Association.

“Change is happening in Ontario, and it’s happening fast… the Trillium Party is leading that change.” Says Yaciuk, “We are Something Different – Something Better”.

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