Steal our Policies, don’t steal our Slogan!

PRESS RELEASE Feb 6th 2018

To PC Leadership Candidate Caroline Mulroney – “Steal our Policies, don’t steal our Slogan”

Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario, says that, “though imitation is the finest form of flattery”, he wishes, “a leadership contender of the PC’s would steal some of the Trillium policies instead of just the slogan”

On Super Bowl Sunday Caroline Mulroney unveiled her new slogan, opening with “Something Different” and closing with “Something New”. Aside from the obvious repetition (as in, ‘different’ is by definition ‘new’), it is a few short words away from being the Trillium Party’s Slogan, Something Different – Something Better, which has represented the Trillium party for the last three years.

“I have a hard time explaining why a candidate applying for such an important Leadership position would make such an amateurish communication oversight. It can only be a result of one of two things. Either she’s so new to politics and doesn’t have the experience, or she is following the advice of a “not so crack” team of advisers. Either answer… not so good for the citizens of Ontario” – Says Bob Yaciuk.

In an accompanying video message, Mr. Bob Yaciuk asks Ms. Mulroney, “if you feel the need to steal something from the Trillium Party, please steal our policies… At least the Ontario taxpayer may get something out of it”. The Trillium Party feels the everyday tax payer would love to have a Provincial government that has the courage to stand against the Carbon Tax schemes, or the Sex-Ed curriculum, which we feel is the government trying to act as co-parents to our children. Or even something as simple as selling inexpensive hydro to “regular folks”, instead of just to Quebec and foreign governments.

The Trillium Party is quickly becoming the choice for Ontarians who want to break the pattern of “Bad Provincial Government”. The reason, in a nutshell, is “They’re all the same and all to blame!” says Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party of Ontario.

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