Trillium Leader Bob Yaciuk at Queen’s Park Rally

Bob Yaciuk, is the first Ontario Political Leader to take a firm stand on the selling and distribution of Marijuana.

The Wynne Liberals’ plan to add thousands of government positions with an LCBO-modeled distribution system for legalized marijuana is an attack on small business and the private sector jobs it creates, and should be abandoned, say Trillium Party Leader Bob Yaciuk. and MPP Jack MacLaren.

“The Wynne Government should not compete against the private sector and stay out of the business of selling and distributing legal marijuana,” said Trillium Party Leader Yaciuk. “Instead, they should focus on their core mandate of regulation, enforcement, and keeping all Ontarians safe. The Wynne War against small business and jobs has to end!”

Trillium Party of Ontario calls on Wynne Government to Abandon Monopoly Scheme for Legalized Marijuana