Trillium Party Response to Queen’s Park Chaos

Press Release – January 29, 2018

Doug Ford Leadership Announcement

Doug Ford has announced he is running for the PC Leadership. He stated, “the back room needs to be cleaned out”.

“It’s a promise that’s been made before in the last leadership run by former Leader, Patrick Brown. It is my belief that both the PC Party and the Liberal Party are defined, managed, and controlled by the “Back Room”,says Bob Yaciuk, Leader of the Trillium Party.

Thom Bennett, Prominent PC Fundraiser, says it best.

“I am at a total loss as to what the thinking could be that our executive would tell our elected MPPs — those soldiers who are putting their name in front of the electorate time after time — to screw off, we run this party,”
“The executive knows why they overruled our elected representatives — and it has nothing to do with letting the members have a say in the new party leadership. I fear that this executive decision spells the death knell of the PC Party of Ontario! The majority of our supporters do not understand nor back this stupid and self-serving decision.”

Though we wish all people who do public service well, and throw their name into the hat, The Trillium Party believes Real Change can only come from outside, and we ARE that outside option.

Our path is clear, always has been, and will remain so into this next election despite the abysmal display and actions of the Government and the Official Opposition for this last term…and the term before it…and the term before it…

The Trillium Party of Ontario will continue to offer an alternative choice to the voters of Ontario who truly care about Democracy and Freedom, and True Representative Government.

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