Trillium Party Snubbed by Operation Black Vote Canada

TRILLIUM PARTY OF ONTARIO Leader, Bob Yaciuk, was NOT invited to the Jamaican Canadian Association, Operation Black Vote Canada debate on APRIL 11, 2018.

Bob called the organizers when he saw the event posted on Facebook to let them know that he would very much like to be a part of the debate, and they refused him by saying he wasn’t invited due to an oversight because they couldn’t find his phone number.

Bob’s phone number is not hard to find! It is on Facebook, the Trillium Party website, and on the entire first page of a Google search. If….IF…they couldn’t find his phone number, they COULD find his email address!

When Bob questioned them, they said, MAYBE he could come next election. This is an important debate. Trillium Party has an MPP in Queen’s Park. The Green Party were invited, who don’t have a member representing them. Doug Ford just didn’t feel the Black Community debate was important enough to change his schedule for. BOB YACIUK WANTS TO BE THERE!

What is wrong with this picture???

Bob can be contacted:
PHONE: 289-319-1220