United We Roll hits Parliament Hill- TPOs, Jack MacLaren Stands Up for the Pipeline!

As Trillium Party declared in their January 22nd 2019 Press Release, WE BELIEVE IN THE PIPELINE to help move Alberta and Saskatchewan Oil to the international market for the betterment of Canada.

On Parliament Hill today, the United We Roll- Yellow Vest Movement arrived after travelling 3400 km with the hopes of getting the ear of our Prime Minister for a few minutes.  Instead, they were treated like sheep and cattle rather than the respected tax payers that they are!

Prime Minister Trudeau refused to listen or acknowledge these hardworking Canadians and Albertans who pay his wage and send over $21 Billion in Transfer fees to Ottawa every year.

Jack MacLaren was there and had a chance to speak as a member of the Trillium Party in support of this protest:

These people were not allowed to bring their convoy of trucks near the Parliament Building, nor anywhere near the desolate site that was designated for the supporters to gather with the hopes of having their voice heard. Mr. Trudeau made it perfectly clear that he did not want to hear anything these Canadians drove all this way to talk to him about. The UWR Convoy made it perfectly and abundantly clear that this would be a peaceful demonstration, and yet they were forbidden to approach the steps of the House where they could be heard.  Instead, they were ushered out into the middle of a field with snow up to their knees with an enormous police presence and swarm of security.

The United We Roll and Yellow Vest movement have been mislabeled by the media as a racist and discriminatory group. This is absolutely not the case.

Does this look like a group of racists??                                   

Why is the Pipeline Good?

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On the day that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project in late 2016, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley hailed the decision as a turning point for her province. The collapse of oil commodity prices had ushered in a “long dark night” for Albertans, she said, and twinning the 1,150-kilometre pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby finally promised “some morning light.”

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We encourage everyone to explore BOTH sides of the proposed pipeline, not just what the Liberal fed media want you to hear.