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Why are ONLY the Big 3 Parties invited to allow the citizens of Ontario hear THEIR voice?

The Trillium Party has a sitting MPP in Queen’s Park, and are the FOURTH party, as recognized in the legislature on November 20th 2017

“Mr. Shafiq Qaadri[Liberal]: …This is going to be a very momentous weekend, because it is going to be the policy weekend for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. I think many are noting that basically it seems the Tories are doing everything we are, except four years later. That’s approximately what I’ve been able to glean from the Conservative Party’s mandate …I have to salute the member from the fourth party. At least the man gets on the record. The honourable Jack MacLaren, the member of the Trillium Party, actually comes forward and whether it’s popular or not, votes on principle—reflecting, by the way, his own constituents.”~Official Records for 20 November 2017, LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO

The Trillium Party has a solid platform and detailed policies to address many of the major issues in Ontario.   The Trillium Party has NO party Whip, which means that every elected MPP will ONLY represent the constituents in their riding.  They are mandated to vote on behalf of their constituents, and will not be intimidated by the Party Leader or punished for voting for what’s best for the constituents of their riding….unlike the 3 main parties.

The way the constitutions of the Big 3 parties, and many of the fringe parties, is set up, has YOU, the taxpayer….the MPP salary payer….paying for someone that is not allowed to speak up for the people that he or she is supposed to be representing.  If you have ever watched a voting session of the Ontario Legislature, you will notice all the empty seats.  The person that you elected and are paying salary to, is not there,  either because they do not think the vote is worth their time and your money enough to show up for, or they choose not to vote because they disagree with the party order and are afraid of being “disciplined” in whichever ways the backroom chooses.  (ie awkward videos suddenly showing up that have been hidden away and covered up until such a time as this.)

The person you elect in your Riding  has absolutely no voice, no say, and no opinion.  You are paying them for absolutely NOTHING.  The back room of each of these parties decides on the policies, and the Leader of the party is the mouthpiece that shares them with the rest of Ontario.   In actuality,  the way these parties operate,  our government could be cut down to 3-4 individuals rather than 124, since 120 of them aren’t allowed to use their voice to represent you without dire repercussions.  The  money that’s used to pay the other 120 puppets could be returned to the taxpayer, or used to benefit the province and make it the thriving province it once was.

The Trillium Party believes in Grassroots, and they believe that you cannot run a province without the people’s input.  They care about ALL of Ontario.  They represent YOU, and they have a right to be represented at the Leaders’ Debates.  Visit the Trillium Party website at TrilliumOntario.ca to read our Policies, Guidelines, and Platform, and help bring Democracy back to Government.

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The Trillium Party of Ontario is a registered Ontario Provincial political party. It has a sitting member at Queen’s Park, MPP Jack MacLaren, who is also